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Yesterday was 'one of those days'

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Didn't even have time to come here and have a look at new threads!

On thursday early evening, Radar woke from his usual afternoon snooze with his left eye squinting and the eyelid all red and puffy. Uh-oh, vet visit on the cards. Just after vet hours so as it wasn't an immediate 'life or death' situation I decided to check it in the morning and phone the vet then.

Went to bed, Sonic playing on the bed as usual, suddenly has a sneezing fit. Cue me staring at the ceiling for ages worrying that they've both got some horrible infection. While I'm lying there, I hear a scratching noise on the bed. Wondering what Sonic is up to, I put my hand out - into a puddle of cat pee that he is frantically trying to cover up.

Nate and I have a duvet each (he likes to roll up in his and it saves on 'you've nicked the duvet' rows!) and Sonic had got between the 2 duvets in the middle of the bed and urinated, leaving a spreading puddle sinking into the mattress, the sheet, both duvets and covers, and a dry-clean only velvet fleece that Nate's mum bought us for Xmas.

So first thing I'm bundling Sonic into the carrier for the first trip of the day. At this point I'm kicking myself for not having bought a second cat carrier already (and right now I'm kicking myself because I've just this minute remembered that I have a parrot carrier that could easily hold a small kitten ) Off to the vet with Sonic. No sign of any illness at all thank goodness, he's in bouncing good health and weighed in at an impressive 1.5kg, instructions to keep an eye on his activity levels and eating and bring him back in if any problems.

Then back home, clean out the carrier, Radar bundled into the carrier for his appointment. Dye in his eye to check for scratches, none found, so eye drops for the next week. Cost of 2 appointments - £85 (about $160 USD)

Then spent most of the rest of the day with a bottle of enzyme cleaner and the washing machine hard at work. Great fun! Fortunately we seem to have an inordinate number of spare duvets.

The good news is that Sonic hasn't had any further sneezing fits, and he didn't pee on the bed again last night, the bad news is that Nate and I got hardly any sleep for keeping an eye on him to make sure that we could whisk him to the litterbox if he so much as thought about it

Please, fingers crossed that we don't have a repeat of yesterday for a long time!
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Sorry your guys are not feeling well, good thing you got them to the vet and they are meds now. Of course giving those meds can take a bit of finesse, good luck and hope they feel better and you catch up on your sleep.
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phewwwiiiieeee !!! wow guys ! ! mad, mad day ! and 85 quid lighter
Well you know the kits are OK

my nana used to say - ' its all character building ' - didnt help a jot though

Hope you have a better day and enjoy your weekend !
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Awww... hugs and love to you sweetie. I know how rough that can be.
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