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Laurie, I live in Portland, and I'm here for Boog if she needs help as well.
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Laurie, I know this must be a roller coaster of emotions for you. Give her lots of love in her last couple days with you, and reassure her (and yourself) that her move is to a happy place where she can be the center of attention. I'm so glad all this worked out for you. I know you will miss her so much, but she will be in a good home. And with Mary Anne and Myste so close, you have a great safety net in case it doesn't work out.
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Mary Anne - Kabota looks like he should be Booger's brother! It's amazing how much they look alike. How're we winding up with so many of the same genes on the East Coast and the West Coast?


Everyone - I can't thank you enough. I just come back to these threads and I remember why we're doing this. I want to be selfish - but she can't live inside with us now - if she's moving indoors, she needs a larger space. And while she's happy outside, we're probably not here forever. So if she has the opportunity to have a wonderful new loving home, it's what is right for her.

Well, there's been a hitch in the transportation, which I'm going to post about in the Lounge since I started another thread there. That's how I'm displaying my selfishness! Two threads about Booger.

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Don't shout, I'm only a poor island-dweller . . .

. . . but what's a Booger?
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Well, in this case, it's a Maine Coon feral/stray. You might know it better as a bogie (I hope I'm spelling that right), or nose mucous
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