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OMG I'm So Scared

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Well, I heard back from my Maine Coone Rescue co-ordinater. I haven't heard from her since my first post here. I was going to write to say it didn't seem like there'd been any interest in Booger.

I always get my e-mail first. Lo and behold! A note from her.

You will not believe what I have been going through. I received 2 emails from people who want to adopt Booger. I went back through my email, and I could not find your original email to me. I was absolutely sick over this, and you will never believe what I have been doing to try and find you. I have called almost every campground in that area, asking about an RV that looks like yours. I saw it in the picture you sent me. I know it sounds crazy, but I was determined to find you. Then, tonight, just a minute ago, I went back through all of my "sent mails" and saw an email address that didn't look familiar ( yours ). I clicked on it, and low and behold, IT WAS YOURS!!!!!! You cannot believe how happy I am at this very moment to have found you.
I guess I should have checked in with her sooner.

I'm so scared! I wrote back just making sure these people have experience with ferals (not that Boog's a feral, but she doesn't know how to use a litterbox and is scared of many inside noises). She'll need love and patience.

What will I do without our first stray - almost like our first baby? HOW CAN YOU PEOPLE FOSTER? It's got to be the hardest job in the world. We love her to bits, and I've got a huge lump in my throat and tears in my eyes thinking about not having her around the area any more. I know it's best for her if these people are experienced. I'll need your help and support through this!!!

I'm happy and sad and scared, and.... my heart is pounding.

Guess I entered that essay contest too soon. Now there may even be a happier ending for her. Cross your fingers and include her in your prayers. Please? Maybe pray that we can give her up to a better home than she has here because with two inside kitties and munchkin (who is supposedly being fostered) having Boog inside - when she does NOT want to be inside permanently - just isn't an option. She deserves better than just "caregivers," which we are. But no one will love her more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Of course no one is going to love her more. But, if this is what you feel in your deepest heart is the right thing for her, then it is.

I don't know how anyone could foster, either. I get too attatched too soon. However, I think that those of you who do help and then let go are the strongest people I know. Just know you and Rocki (Booger, I have to say I like that name) are in my thoughts. You will always be her guardian angel.

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I didn't know all you people on the cat site, and I was scared to tell anyone we'd been calling her "booger" !! I started calling her Rocki, but hubby keeps calling her Booger. She comes to a whistle, anyway, not a name. And she's too sweet to be a Booger!!!

Thanks for the words of encouragement. I really needed to hear it. She's so happy here, free-roaming her large territory, Queen of It All. But we won't be able to stay forever. And there just isn't room in the R.V. for five of us to live here full time! We can find someone to care for the colony when it comes time for us to move, but who will love Boog and treat her differently than just one of the ferals? No, she needs a home.


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I'm glad to hear that everything is going the way you want it to. I hope that Booger(Rocki) gets the best home and that they keep in contact with you. Maybe they can periodically send you pics and updates on her?
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I'm sure gonna ask!!!!! On the MCR site (www.MaineCoonRescue.org) the adoption agreement adopters have to sign says that we can enquire - and if we believe she's not being properly cared for we have the right to have her returned. Adopters through MCR also sign that if anything happens to her they have to notify MCR within a few days, and that they can't rehome her without going through them, so it seems pretty safe. Thanks!

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Oh Laurie, my eyes are getting all misty for you! Part happy, knowing that Booger will be going to a forever home, and part so sad that she won't have you in her life anymore (and vice versa). I'm having a hard time letting go, and I've never even met her! We're here for you, and we will laugh at their antics, and cry with you when you need it. You are right, though, she does deserve a forever home where she won't be cold, will always have enough to eat, and have all the love she can handle.

I agree, I don't think I could foster, either. Too hard to let go, no matter how good of a home they are going to.
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Bless your heart!

When I found homes for two of the stray/ferals I was caring for, I just cried and cried the whole time the new people were picking up the cats and then cried and cried the rest of the day. This was despite the fact that I made the new families come visit every night for a week before they could take home the cats and then called each week for a month to make sure it was going okay. We get so attached to our little friends...it just hurts to let go, even when letting go is the best thing for them.

Ask hubby to give you a BIG hug for me!
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Thank you all SO MUCH for your words of encouragement. Of course you are right, that's why I contacted Maine Coon Rescue to begin with.

O.K. Here goes.

There are two people who want to adopt her. The Maine Coon rescue adoption application is very rigorous and requires a recommendation from a Vet as well. So here are my choices:

One is a man in upstate NY (3 - 4 hour drive) who has a male Maine Coon that was once a feral. He got it from a foster family, though, so the cat was already litterbox trained, etc. Booger can be an indoor/outdoor kitty there (it is in the country).

The other is a woman in TN (a LOOONG one day drive) who has two female Maine Coons that she adopted and socialized herself.

The Maine Coon co-ordinator (who I'm not sure is actually allowed to give us her opinion, but she did) feels, given all our fears, that the lady in TN would probably be the better mommy for Boog.

The trip to TN would be traumatic. Not that the drive to upstate NY wouldn't be, but... and then, if we adopt her to the lady in TN, do we drive her? Gary's willing to drive us there.

Any thoughts?
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I would drive Booger to the new location if it were me. It will give you a chance to cry it out, work it out and you will see for yourself that the home is a good one. But if it is not Laurie, if you feel something is wrong, don't leave the kitty. Trust your instincts as you have good ones, and make sure that you are driven on instinct if you do bring Booger home, and NOT on emotions.

I am sure the Maine Coon Rescue is very diligent in finding homes for these wonderful cats- amazing isn't it, you have a very coveted kitty breed in a feral! I am reasonably sure that Fly upstairs has Maine Coon in him as well. The lady who *owns* him has already called me 6 times! She wants to know how he is, how he is doing, what he is doing. Bless her enthusiasm, but I told her this morning that she needs to give me some space to work with him, instead of me being downstairs fielding her phone calls! LOL He acts like he has been hit, he cowers in the corners flinching and everytime I go to try and approach him I get that ominous warning growl. But at least I know she is interested in him.

But if I were you Laurie, I would drive Booger there to see for myself just what a wonderful home has been found for her.

Good luck, and i know those tears well.........
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Yes! That was the intent! But WHICH ONE!!!???? I'm leaning towards TN myself, just because of what the adoption co-ordinator said. But she doesn't know either of these people. I am biased because the adopting person is a woman (sorry, guys!), and has experience socializing. But what a trip!


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Go with your gut woman, even if it is a long drive, go with your gut to TN. What would you be driving?
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Laurie, it's very hard to tell much from the brief descriptions, but if your gut feeling is to go for the lady in TN, then that's what you should do. Of course, I agree with Hissy too that when you take her to either place if you get a bad feeling, don't leave her there. It sounds like either place would be a good home for her. Does the lady in TN plan to have her inside all the time? On one hand, as much as Booger loves to roam, the man in the country may be a good choice, but since the lady has experience socializing that may be good too. I'm no help at all, am I?
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Heidi, just helping me think it through IS helping. I'd so much prefer to see Boog be an indoor kitty. Of course she'll be mad at first. She'll be mad about everything at first. But it'll be so much better for her in the long run! And you are SO right, all of you. I would advise anyone else to follow their hearts too.

Hissy, we'd be driving "Saabi," our Saab that just passed 245,000 miles. It's such a comfortable ride! The R.V. would stay here. We're too "moved in" here. Just driving our whole home would be the smartest thing to do if we're going to TN (I love that we have the option to move anywhere without disrupting the cats' territory!), but now -

I HAVE GREAT NEWS! Sorry I've been freaking out. I got another e-mail from the rescue co-coordinater about 10 minutes ago. There is a third option! It is an older couple, also in upstate NY, who also want to adopt her! They have one kitty already (don't have any details), but it is an indoor only cat. No children live at home; grandchildren come on holidays to visit, and the grandchildren have cats at home. Kathy thinks it sounds great, and believes this is the best option. (She has access to the adoptors' applications, I don't). I've written to ask about the litterbox training problem (she didn't mention if they have experience with strays or ferals), but she knows it's an issue with me, so hopefully she took that into consideration. Cross your fingers! Booger may be moving North.


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Wow! What a great list of options! It sounds like you couldn't go wrong no matter which family you choose! Yippee!!!!
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That sounds great Laurie! It's amazing how much interest there is in one cat, especially a feral of all things. It must be a great rescue organization you are working with.
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Lauri - I know what you mean. When we dropped the three kittens off at the Vet - Mom and I cried the whole way home. Not the safest ride in the world since I was driving, crying and blowing my nose at the same time. They are all so easy to fall in love with aren't they and then giving them up to someone else - hmmmmmm....horrible thought. But we know it's for the best and of course the lump in my throat will be there for a long time to come every time I think of them. I know the Foster Group scans the applications and they make sure they go to a good home. The one thing that told me that is was ok for them to go there was the fact that they have a "return policy for the life time of the pet" - meaning that in case the placement does not work out the will take the pet back no questions asked and find another home as many times as needed!!!

PS; Here are my two cents worth about who to choose - I vote fot the Lady!

Hang in there!!!
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Laurie - I can't wait to hear which one you went to see and where little Rockboog is Have a safe journey wherever you go!
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Laurie - What a hard choice you have before you. I am sorry that i did not see this earlier to weigh in. I vote for the older couple here in upstate NY! Who knows, perhaps they are close by to me????
Let me know......
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I was crying because she was going to leave for a new home, and now I'm crying because none of them worked out.

I just got off the phone with Kathy (the Maine Coon Coordinator). The couple in upstate NY has decided they don't want her. [Debra, they were located in Cayuga Lake]. I though we were calling to make arrangements to drive her up there next weekend.

The single man with the male Maine Coon is worried about litterbox training her, so that's out (if that's an obstacle, forget it), and Kathy has changed her opinion on the lady in TN (don't know why).

So I went from so many options to none again.

Kathy has asked for more pics, so I've done that.

Poor Boog. I'd drive her to the moon if there was a good home for her there. And I'd drive back up there to pick her up again if it didn't work out.

She's a lap kitty who kneads and drools. Poor thing was obviously taken from her mum too soon. We love her so much.

I need a "smiley" with tears. I can't seem to pull up the extended universe. And when I link to the site, I can't seem to pull them in here.

Thank you all so much for your encouragement and your support. At least we have validation that we're doing the right thing.
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You want to bring her to Oregon? I will be happy to take her!
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Hissy, I can't imagine a better family. Thank you.

...I'd certainly never have to worry about her again! And I'm sure you've got some nice thick padding - necessary before letting her up in your lap - unless you want her "I'm SOOOO Happy" kneading claws to sink into your thigh and her drool to soak your lap!

My only concern would be the other ferals as she just hasn't integrated with the others here. But with all of your experience, I'm sure that could be much better worked out with you than here, to us newbies at rescue!

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hey Dunkin was my drool pool kitty. I still have the pile of soft diapers we put in our lap when she was upon it. I was being a smartie- but I would love to take her- plus to meet you and Gary and all your cats! Come for Turkey dinner! It would be a blast!
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Laurie - Even though things have not fallen into place right now for Boog, there is a reason. If the potential adoptees are having reservations , then they are NOT the home for your precious baby. Although Cayuga lake would have been doable for me to visit - it was not meant to be.
Now, I have to admit, that Hissy's offer must be tempting!!!

God bless you Laurie and Gary - you are truly kitty angels!!
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Again, thanks for the words of reassurance and encouragement.

I knew Hissy thought she was being a smartie, but Hissy, you've yet to learn the insane determination of the new crazy cat people!

And thanks for the Thanksgiving invite. We sure have lots to be thankful for this year! But we'd have to skeedadle back to Chicago to have that dinner with Gary's mom and sister.
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LOL That would be quite the incredible journey! All the way across the country to deliver Booger to my door. The offer is there and I would be thrilled to have her- now, how my head kitty would feel is another story!
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I think we've found Booger a home. I have one more e-mail to receive, but keep your fingers crossed.

She'll be going ... to Oregon! Newburg, Oregon, to be exact.

I'll feel O.K. about it just knowing Mary Anne is in the same state!

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Laurie, that is great! I'm sure you checked out the people quite thoroughly, especially if you are willing for her to go so far away. How will she make her journey there? I'm sure you have a real mixed bag of emotions, but if she is going to a good home then it is all worth it.
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Well - it's done! Booger is being adopted by Debbie, a woman who has worked with Maine Coon Rescue for several years. She has fostered both strays and ferals, so knows what she's in for.

I was going bonkers trying to figure out how to get Boog to Portland, but my MCR coordinator contacted me yesterday morning - a flight attendant is part of the their network, and she has a run from Philadelphia to Portland (non-stop) on Tuesday! BOog will be traveling in the cabin, first class! (And it doesn't cost anyone anything!) I still haven't been informed of the time yet, and it's a solid 3+ hour drive to get to the airport for us. The notice, unfortunately, was a little short - and I'm a wreck!

But Boog has an appointment at the Vet tomorrow at 11:00 to get her health certificate. We've already got her shots records, the info that shows she's spayed, and her rabies certificate.


We've decided to write a letter to her new owner and tape it to the crate.

If for ANY reason things don't work out, Hissy has offered to drive the 3+ hours to get her, so I feel at ease in my mind about sending her across the country....but I don't want to let her go!

We know she'll be happier in a permanent home. She won't think she's happier inside at first, but she will be. Right? She'll be an "only cat," and I'm sure she'll love the love and attention.

We're going to miss seeing her every day.

I just have to keep telling myself over and over that we're doing the right thing for her. This is so hard.
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Laurie, you're so brave. Letting go of that beautiful kitty is far more than I'd be able to do.

Booger IS going to a good home, and you know that Mary Anne is close(ish) by if there is the slightest sniff of a problem.

Wow, reading this thread was a real emothional rollercoaster - I'll be thinking of you and Gary lots on Tuesday . . .
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This is Shredder's brother- look at all familiar? *G* This is Kabota.

And don't worry, I can be here for Boog if you need me to be. Just send word.

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