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Krazy Kitty !!!!!!

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My kitty is really violent now for some reason
me and my lil sister have scratches around our arms
I shout No everytime but he jus jumps on my foot or hand or watever
It is so painful now
Ihave this massive cut along my leg
Its like 10cm or something and really sore
Hes only 9 weeks so hes not suppose to be territorial

I need help ASAP hes only normal when hes sleeping !

Help !
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Your kitten is not being territorial. He is being playful. The scratches on your arms, are they because you/your sister cuddled him for too long or held him too tightly?
Does he have enough toys? Encourage him to play with them rather than with your limbs.
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My kittens went through this phase for a few weeks too. Luckily they stopped. I had to wear long pants all the time I was around them because they would climb my legs. Their little nails are very sharp and dig right in even through pants/long sleeves sometimes!

Some cats bite or scratch you when they have had enough petting, but I think what you are describing is just the kitten being playful. As the previous poster replied, get some toys out if you think he might attack you. After a few "attacks" from my cats I could tell when they were going to jump on me. I am pretty sure I scared the heck out of them because most of the time I didn't see it coming and I would scream out very loudly and they would go running. So maybe thats why they stopped

Good luck!!
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No i dont cuddle him 2 much and he has loads of toys are buy some
more today so he stays happy then

I think ill get him some mouses
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yep, you need toys to distract the claw attention away from you and on to something else ! Maybe you could give him an old teddy - a small one - and he can have a good old fight with that !!
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Some kittens are simply more physically aggressive, possibly the "bullies" in the litter. Toys will help, but you need to keep in mind that you are mom now, so you need to think like mom kitty. Toys may distract or keep busy yet you don't want this aggressive behavior to be acceptable, so you need to show him that. If he confronts you, engages in extreme physical play, think about what his mom would do. By simply using only your hand, either grabbing him on the back of his neck (not abusively), or holding his body down firmly (not excessively),are things mom cat would do to say " thats to much, calm down".
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I had a male cat that we nicknamed "Hellcat" for a while because he was just like you describe, and even had to close him out of my room at night because he would attack any uncovered surface!

He was not trying to be mean though, he was literally just playing, albiet playing rough!

This behavior only lasted about three weeks and then he grew out of it and went on to other interests.

I think your kitten is normal and won't keep doing this forever. Just try to wear him out with playing with toys as much as possible.
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I have four six-month old kittens I've watched grow from five weeks, and I second what everone else is telling you. Your kitty isn't being aggresive or mean, he's just trying to play with you like you were another kitty. Of course, he doesn't realize that you have no fur to protect your skin from his sharp little claws and teeth. *smile*

Some good toys for this behavior are those feathers and furry things on a stick, you know, the ones that resemble fishing poles? Swish that around for awhile - you can wear your little buddy out without his claws ever touching you.
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Yeah well i but some toys today(along with a carrier)
3 extra balls
a mouse that has a round bottom so it keeps cuming up again
and a fishing pole but after about 2 hours it broke i fixed it
it broke i fixed it
it broke then i just didn't fix it again

He already seems ok now but i still have had a few scratches since then lol
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yep everyone has great suggestions, and are right it is a kitten being playful and let me tell u I have enough scars to prove thats how mine play, although all u got to do is not encourage him to play rought with you, mine if they are i simply remove my self somehow someway and I give my Stormie one of her toys and she just continues on with the toys, so see what toys your kittie favors the most and make sure u have alot of them mine like to demalish their toys so I am always buying some and i only leave a few out and then i give more as time goes on so they have more to play with and they dont get tired of the old toys. But yes that is just a kitten being a kitten, Stormie is still like that somewhat and she is 6 months but she is learning not to do it, although she is always climbing up my leg and man does that hurt!!!
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I am still dealing with an overly aggessive kitty - Chance. My newest addition. He's not a baby, but is only 1 years old. I had a great lady from a local foster give me some advice on how to handle his "playful" tendencys and it's worked great! Try this out:
When kitty attacks a portion of your body, that body part becomes "prey". The worst thing you can do is pull it away. I know it's a natural reaction, but that's what's "eggin" kitty on. When kitty grabs hold of you (any part) - just freeze. Don't move that part at all. Yell "Owwwww" really loud and just freeze. This has worked awesome on my little Chance man. He still grabs hold of us, but we freeze, yell Ow and he pauses for a minute and then will start licking us. It has worked great! If kitty still is biting at you, then keep that body part "frozen" and take your other hand and push a fuzzy toy in his face and encourage play with that. Over time kitty will learn that you are not "prey".
I can not tell you how much Chance has come around since we've been doing this. He's actually becoming a gentleman.
Good luck!!
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I want to second the advice of lisasha3 above -- that's exactly the technique that's worked for us with our own cats, as well as with the many little fosters we've taken care of for the shelter.

If he persists after a few of these "yelp, freeze, and distract" cycles, you can just walk away and ignore him for a few minutes. He'll soon learn that playing too rough makes his playmate go away!

Good luck with your little one...
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As I posted earlier, my kittens would get me when I was not looking and I would yell OWWW for real, because it both scared me and usually drew blood and hurt, and after a few weeks they both stopped. So I would guess this theory really works
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