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How long will this last i am going nuts

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Stormie is driving me nuts, she has become bery vocal, but she has been spayed as of the 3rd of January, but before that she did come into heat 2 times and man i was thankful that we got her fixed, but she is meowing and acting like she was in heat I love it when we have our little convversations when I first walk into wherever she is, i love those but all she is doing is meowing and I let her out of my room and she almost went downstairs which I have only seen her do that when she was in heat and well i have bribed her doiwnstairs the last few days with some toys, but she picks on poor blue and everyone else in the house but now she went out to look for them i think, man is she weird and driving me nuts

Also the teething thing, HOW LONG DOES THIS LAST she is driving me nuts, she wants to chew on everything except what I bought for her to actually chew on, now we have moved onto remotes, I also thought her head rubbing (like when she was in heat could be because her teeth are bothering her could that be it ) What can I do to make this an easier process??? Appearantly someone dragged a rock in with their shoes tonite and she almost ate it, good thing I caught her before she did !!! Some toys balls are not safe, one had string wrapped around it and tessa and blue uncovered the string, and somehow it got in my room im still stumped about that, and it was literally down stormies thraot, I had to pull it out, but now she is meowing up a storm and running around like a maniac she is also one of the worlds most clumsiest cats I swear Also she wont let me check out her teeth so I really dont know if shes lost any or what, I am trying tho, bella used to clean her but she hasnt for a few days my cats just keep on confusing me now and i thought maybe i got get a look then but noo, bellas been really bad for the last few days, shes even getting a little mean with stormie which is very very unusual!!! And they are being bad and I am trying to get them a cat tree on ebay, whos a sucker I know I am we bid on three different ones and lost tonite, gotta try tomarrow, you think it would be easier with my brother on his computer doing the bidding from his account and me checking on the bids from mine !!! But someone PLEASE HELP, I dont know nothing about teething with kitties i kno some things but not much, she just keeps worrying me by biting things she shouldnt!!! Thanx in advance!!
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Well, you just have a lot going on! Most with the same kitty . when they are chewing or rubbing their gums is usually when they are shedding teeth, sometimes when they are growing back, but primarily it's to loosen the baby teeth. Although if she is of age, already been in heat, she should be through the teething process already. Possibly this is just a way of her working out her "fig its" while her hormones balance out which can take a couple months after spay.
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It sounds like teething to me, but there also could be cats outside that are making her howl. Before one of my males got neutered he would howl and howl non stop. It drove me insane. There are stray cats that sleep under our deck at night and they would come up on the porch. If this might be the problem, I heard that blocking their view of the outside with foil/construction paper helps. In my case, as soon as he got neutered his howling stopped, and the cats are out there everyday still. He just observes them quietly now, thankfully!

Good luck with your situation, let us know how you progress!
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well I havent hears any cats outside, but stormie is very vocal and she is also a little bit more affectionate, Im telling u she is a very independent cat we were told she was this big cuddler when we got her but idk i didnt see it but now she is warming up better, than again when we got her it was a looong month she was soo sick had a bad URI and it was a loong month and a half of meds but we are GREAT now but yes I did make another thread before about her teething and she is only 6 months this month actually she just reached heat a little early and i didnt expect that let me tell u, I wish she would show me her teeth tho, I really wanna tell which teeth it is and I wish I could do more, her rubbing her head all over everything is funny tho and its soo cute, but she is just worrying me ecspecially when she trys to chew the door, she is a handful let me tell u that I always gotta keep an eye on her, I also dont think she is ver fond of guys, She travels downstairs but not much the only times i have seen her go downstairs was either when my dad and brother were sleeping or when they were gone, and i have to call her down I was so proud of her today, also we do have males that are fixed and she wont even let them come up the steps she will sit at the top of them and hiss and growl at the males more than the females now she is doing better with blue and tessa now so i hope she does keep up the good work for that, but like i said the males are a no no they are NOT allowed upstairs she is such a bully, Any suggestions on what to get her for teething, I wish there was more we could do for our kitties when teething I guess I will have to ride this one out though, but how long does teething usually last???
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Ben is now 6 months and he still acts like he is teething. We leave him an empty box to chew on. He seems content with it. I just hope this habit doesn't last after the teething. I haven't seen anymore teeth come in. Lucky & Molly are missing over 6 teeth each so I can't compare. LOL
I think the meowing lasted a month or two after Molly was fixed. She is still vocal first thing in the morning. She used to have conversations with mom when I lived with her. She would sit on the kitchen table for at least 2 hours just meowing away.
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I don't actually know how long teething takes - I just know how we dealt with it. Bendy straws. Lots of them, scattered everywhere. When they get too chewed up, throw them away. Encourage her to play with them. And if she nips hands or feet or ankles, if you were playing with her, immediately stop, and blow a short, sharp puff of air in her face and hiss at her. She needs to learn biting doesn't get her attention, it gets her being ignored. And the short sharp puff of air and hiss speak to her in her language - and it says "stop it!"

About the meowing - sorry, I don't have any suggestions.

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