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I just watched this tonight and it was fantastic. It was put out by the Humane Society of Silicon Valley, and talks about the benefits of Trap Neuter Return.

It follows some animal control officers around to see what it's like to have a cat overpopulation problem, then it goes to an overcrowded shelter and shows kitties who are going to have to euthanised It also shows successful TNR programs and feral colonies, and how much of a difference it can make.

It really was a fantastic documentary, and you can get it on DVD for $15. If anyone is interested in seeing it, I'd be happy to put in a bulk order - it's truly worth it, especially as an educational tool to encourage people to spay and neuter, and educate on the benefits on successful TNR programs.

Even just the website of Humane Society of Silicon Valley is fantastic - I urge you to go check it out!!! I can't believe they're so close to me and I knew nothing about them before tonight!

So anyway, let me know if you may be interested in a DVD and I'll see if we can get a special deal for bulk orders.