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Simon the cat

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Here are some pictures of our Simon when he was still with us.

Just relaxing

Simon the guard. Nothing gets past him. Althought he is vulnerable to bribes. A few kitty treats.

Taking it easy

Simon loved reading so much, that he resorted to some strange displays of affection

"Well, what are you waiting for? That litterbox ain't gonna clean itself"

You brought us much joy little Simon. RIP
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what a cutie Simon was You can cherrish these photos for ever now
R.I.P. Simon, play happily over the rainbow Bridge
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Oh thank you for sharing such wonderful photos of Simon - I have 2 B&W (not on my sig. at the moment) and well Simon is a beauty
I just love that 1st photo and I bet it brings such a big smile on your face everytime you look at it

RIP Sweet one
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Oh My! God have you dear Simon! you was so cute and beautiful!!
thank you for share it with us my friend!
to your angel kitty my friend!
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Oh, Simon was such a little sweetie-pie.

RIP little one...we miss you!
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Isn't he a precious little boy! But he'll be happily playing over at the bridge until he see's you again
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Bless his heart, he is a beautiful Angel in Heaven now
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