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Not going good

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After my introduction with my resident cat and new cat, the resident cat must have got hurt, sick or depressed. She cries when you pick her up, we had to give her water in a dropper and as far as I know (I work at home) she hasnt eaten today. Her poo is solid. We have an appt in the am sat. We think she over did herself and didnt know when to stop play fighting the past few days. Pray for us that nothing major os wrong.
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good wishes
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She is only six months old right? She must have a virus or something. I can't believe a kitty that young is going to get depressed. I hope they find out the whats making her not be herself.
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Prayers going out for your kitty!
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We have a similar thing that happened - Malcolm and Bailey were doing good and they seemed completely fine, playing, a little hissing, and then Malcolm woke up with an eye infection this morning so we think it is from stress, but luckily we have drops for it.. anyways, hopefully its nothing major and just stress related!
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Thanks everyone. She stayed all day in her cubby that she sleeps in, we dropper fed her kitty milk and water. This morning she got up and could hardly walk on her right leg. We are going to the vets soon. I think she hurt herself rough housing with tuxie, we was like the energizer bunny kept going and going! Ill let you all know waht we find out when we come back.
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Fingers, toes and paws crossed that's it's something simple and a day of rest will cure it!
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Vet says she has a slight fever they did xrays and checked her all out. She received a shot for the fever and a shot of antibotic. We also have ammox to give her 2 x's a day. Im go glad my baby is ok.
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I'm glad that your baby is getting better!
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I am glad that it wasn't anything serious. Good thoughts sent to you and your kitty! Hope she gets better really quick!
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I'm glad your kitty is feeling better.
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Good to hear kitty is on the mend :-)
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Well last night she acted fine, played a littel ate drank water. Today its like she reverted back to being sick, i can tell she had a fever, i was hoping the shot forthe fever helped but it seems like it didnt. Shes whining and crying again barely eating. I have been giving her the ammox 2 times a day and water from a dropper to keep her hydrated, anyone have ideas on how to help her cool down, till i can talk to the vet?
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It is very dangerous for a cat to have a fever. Keep a close eye, in an enclosed room, no more food till talk to vet, try very cold water, but if symptoms increase, you may need to do an emergency call. ASAP mon morning!
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Well Zoe is back to her normal self today, being the little ornry little girl she is. Her fever is gone but we are giving the Ammon till we run out. Thanks for all the vibes!
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Glad she is feeling better, still sending vibes ~~~~~~~
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