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Post your kitties caught grooming

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HEH i have a new dig camera and kirra wasnt to happy with momma tonight



anyone else? heheh
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Kirra's a sweetheart!!!

I've got heaps of bathtime photos!!! I love kitty tongues!

Smudge was a lot smaller here!

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Here are a couole of mine...

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Wow, your kitties are gorgeous!!! Have your done a thread for them yet with their story and millions of photos????
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They are just so cute when they groom.

Here are a few of mine.

Kuce and Lil' Jag


My RB cat Sphinx

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Originally Posted by greycat2 View Post
Kuce and Lil' Jag
OMG that is the cutest
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Jasmine bathing her baby (Isabella)

Sophie trying to clean her "dainty toes" right after i snapped this picture she gave Abilene a bath too
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everyones kitties and pics are so cute so far, well here i am going to add some now, but I have to upload so that might have to wait till tomarrow but here are the ones already in my photobucket

Bella cleaning Stormie

And well here is Bella tackiling Stormie to clean her, I was so worried miss Bella is weighing in over 11 lbs and poor Stormie was 4lbs at that time

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Ok so here is one of Bella cleaning herself, taken a break from her toy

Here is 2 of Stormie

And here is Tessa, her tounge is out looks like shes sticking it out at Blue but she was probly cleaning herself, she always is and yet I got so many tounge photos because I always get her right after or right before we start to clean

Well there will be more tomarrow, gotta upload I have so many pictures I am actually writing down wats already in my photobucket so I dont re add a photo which I have done a few times
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Dino sorting his tootsies out

Pepsi licking her tum

Moofi with an ear tickle - oooo look at that pink nose !!

Moofs having a sun-bathed wash .......awww
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This is the evening cleaning session. Its funny I saw in the other photos above, one of the cats put their leg around the neck of the other and cleans. Here is Cosmo giving Thumper a bath. Thumper has to have the cleanest ears on the block.

Opps BUSTED!!!!
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here is the contribution at this marvellous thread of the AMO BONITO!...

After to finish the grooming a good nap!

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Wilbur's so embarrassed he can't even look!

"Jeez, Milo...grow some decency, why dontcha??!"
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Originally Posted by Sicycat View Post
Haha, I love it!

Originally Posted by ProudKittieMom View Post
Ok, that's just too funny. Seriously.
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Awww I love all these photos! Especially the ones of one cat grooming another. I must try to get a photo or two of mine grooming each other.

In the meantime....

An over exposed Pekoe-tongue.

Nigel getting that tough spot on his back.
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Here's Allen grooming himself as a kitten...

and here's a more recent pic of Allen, being groomed by one of his sisters, Meghan.

and another of Meghan and Allen (everyone treats him like the baby of the family)

A pic of the laid-back Ollie taking a bath.

And one of everyone but Allen grooming (why should he, when he knows someone else will be doing for him in just another minute?) *laugh*
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Originally Posted by Auntie Crazy View Post

A pic of the laid-back Ollie taking a bath.

That is SO CUTE.
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