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Nutritional outline??

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Hey guys!

Does anybody know of some sort of outline that's on the internet that says what percentages of various vitamins/minerals/protein, etc. cats should get per day?

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try AFFCO they make the Minum standards so to speak
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Hmm...what does that stand for? I tried Googling it, and only got the American Felt and Filter Company. Hehe...
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This is probably the most comprehensive listing I have bookmarked, it lists it's sources so take those into consideration!
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This site lists the minimum requirements for cats: http://www.serve.com/BatonRouge/nrc1.htm

The information comes from several different sources, including AAFCO.
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www.AAFCO.org determines the nutrient requirement breakdown for all pet food manufacturers. You have to be careful in how you interpret % of ingredients if you are reading a label. Protein and fat %'s can be deceiving because compromised nutrition sources are used in foods to meet AAFCO requirements. If you are looking to see about feeding your cat out of homemade ingredients, I would highly recommend books by CJ Puotinen including Natural Remedies for Dogs and Cats and many more.
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Thanks for the sites, guys!! Those are exactly what I've been looking for, especially the one you posted, momto3cats!

Thank you!!

Oh, btw...I'm not looking to do a homemade diet, I just want to be able to find the right balance of nutrition in dry food, since my girl, Sunny, REFUSES to eat wet food of any kind.

Thank you, guys!!
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