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Just making sure you guys are staying out of trouble ;)

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Howdy all!! I had a free moment so I figured I'd stop by and say hi! So... Hi!

Not much new here except work work and more work. Blah! I've been pretty occupied with a million projects but most of all my poor little Labrador lady has taken a turn for the worst. Not sure if you guys remember me talking about Natala and her hip and back problems but after I noticed she had a hard time going to the bathroom I took her in for x-rays. I wasn't suprised at how bad her hips and back were but her pelvis appeared to have been broken in the past(before I adopted her) and she was full of crap! Her dr. said she has no feeling in her bowls anymore, hence why she couldn't go.

Now she has to take a high dose of prednisone to help her go and move around. She seems to be doing ok with the pred but she cannot stay on the dose she is on for long and I'm worried a lower dose won't help her as much. The real knock in the head is that her dr doesn't know where she'll be in a year from now. **choke** I'm committed to giving her the best quality of life for as long as I can till it's time but... hopefully that won't be for a while.

There's so many new names around here I feel like a stranger! I am going to try to pop in more often so I can meet the newer members and get back in touch with the older ones.

I'm looking at all the new posts since the last time I was here and I have a lot of reading ahead of me. :O

Thanks for reading through my rant. Take care guys, it's great to be back.
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Jessica! It's good to see you! I have missed you and wondered where you went! I am so sorry to hear about your dog's health!!!!
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Yea! Jessica's back! Welcome back! I feel so bad about your dog. Are you still at the same vet's hospital? Come on; tell us everything! You've been missed so much. You are the heroine (well, we are using your name, anyway.) of the mystery story Heidi and I have been writing. Whisker's mom, Ghyslaine, has helped us too. I hope you're back for good.
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G'day Jessica

Nice to meet you. I hope Natala is doing okay and they're giving her the best medical care they can. Sounds like you give her so much care and love, she can't go wrong!

I look forward to getting to know you and your furbabies at TCS.
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Good to see you around again, Jessica!! Was wondering what happened to you. Sorry about doggies problems, I hope it works out ok for you.

Stick around!!
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It's good to see you again Jessica! I'm sorry to hear Natalya isn't doing well. We all know how much you love her, and that you are doing everything you can possibly do for her.

I hope you'll be able to join us more often. We have missed you a bunch!
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Hoorah!! Yer back!! Look lady, I wish you'd stop changng email addy's cos I keep trying to send you stuff and getting it sent back to me!!!! :laughing2
Sorry to hear about Natala's probs, but I'm sure she's got a while left with you yet - and I'm sure she's very grateful for everything you are gdoing for her
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Hi Jessica!

Welcome back. I remember reading your posts a few months ago. It's been awhile. Hope you stick around!

And please do check into the story Jeanie mentioned. Perhaps that's where you've been??? :LOL: I haven't been much help lately but once in a while I get a little adventurous and add to it!!
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Oh, Ghyslaine! That's spooky. I have seen things like that on The Twilight Zone! She was reading the story and became a part of it! So, she's been in Quebec, running from evil villains and working in an art museum! I love the idea. Jessica, don't worry! We always get you out of these terrible situations. OH, HEIDI! GYSLAINE, Jessica is in grave danger! (She is, in the story!)
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Hey Heidi! Welcome back! I'm sorry to hear that Natala isn't doing well. I'm sure that she will have a great life from now on though with you taking care of her. So, whats been going on with you? Are you still working at the vet's office? Hopefully, we'll see you around more often.
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Yes, I am still working at the vet office. I came to the realization that I am stuck there for the time being so I'll suck it up and shut up. My biggest problem is that I'm not quite sure of what I'd rather be doing.

I am flattered you're using me(Er... my name rather) in your story. If I can free up some time I'll have to sit down and read it all. I loved the story making threads, such a fun way to express your creativity and to see other's.

Bod- I'll pm you my e-mail address that WORKS and that I am keeping. I promise I won't be switching it anytime soon. Unless of course yahoo decides to not work for me again but let's not think about that.
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Good!! Then I'll send you your influx of "funnies"!! :laughing:
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i was wondering where you went! glad your back.
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