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New kitten

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Hello everyone...I've been lurking for quite a while now and you've all given me tons of info.Thank you! My husband and I are looking to purchase a blue burmese kitten since we just bought a bigger apartment. I'm a bit concerned because some people tell me it's damaging to the cat's personality if it's left home alone while we are at work (about 8 hours 5 days a week) I really don't want to do this if this is the case and I really can't have 2 cats in my 2 bedroom apartment. Please tell me what you think. I am torn!
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Jenn....I am glad you have joined us! Please ask any questions you like! I am moving this to the behavior section, it may get more responses.

As for it being damaging to the cats personality, I have never heard that before. My cat is left home alone (because he's the only housecat, the others are all outdoor cats) for 8 hours every day Mon- Fri.

This summer, once it warms up, I plan on letting him stay outside while we are at work, with the other cats, but this winter, no...he was inside while we were working, and his personality seems just fine. However I am no expert on this...maybe someone else can better help you.
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Cats are fine as only cats. They tend to get into a little bit more than if they had a playmate. Our Jack was just fine for a year and then we added more year by year. I tend to say that cats are very social and like to have a playmate, but if it is a choice on weather to go to a loving home as an only cat or end up with a possible bad home, I say give the one cat all your love and attention.
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