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Mooch's New Trick

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My dear Mooch has a new trick!

Yesterday I was sitting here on the computer and she jumped up on the desk with one of her many milk rings. Well she was just batting it around and I wasn't paying her much mind, and she knocked it off the back, so she jumped down after it.

So she was in the corner under the desk quietly playing with it, and then suddenly CLICK! And everything shut off....computer, phone, etc. She found the switch on the power strip!

When I looked under the desk at her she was just sitting there all innocent and adorable right next to it! Noodles, who had been laying on the desk the whole time, was looking at me as if to say 'I had nothing to do with it!'

Oh and after almost 2 years of living, she has just now discovered the mouse pointer on the screen! She's sitting here fascinated at the moment!
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It osunds to me if she has been saving this little trick for when she REALLY wanted your attention. I mean really, which is more important your computer or Mooch?
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Awwwwwwww Don't you just love those furries? bless their little mouse arrow loving souls
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So far she's not shut either computer off on me again....but I'm watching her closely nonetheless!
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My Jasper did that to me one time but I wasn't on the computer at the time. I tried to start the computer...and nothing. I checked all the connections and everything seemed fine. Cord was plugged in and all was a go. I actually called tech support. Boy, did I feel stupid! Yes, I was one of those people tech support tears their hair out about!!
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Poor attention starved little Mouse kitty.
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Mooch just wanted your attention
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Originally Posted by jane_vernon View Post
Mooch just wanted your attention
She got it alright!
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I love it when things like that happen!!! My boss's granddaughter did the same thing to me at work once!!!
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