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How did you

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Wake up today. Was it by an alarm? Was it by your SO or someone else. Was it naturally the time you get up? Or did one of your furkids wake you. My dog Lilly intentionally woke me up I was sleeping really well and she walked upto my bed and licked my mouth and woke me. She decided rather than disturb the person who was awake to go outside that she would wake me up. So now I am up I was sleeping good too.
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well I woke up by many many annoying phone calls, thats it i am turning off my phone ringer from now on for the last past 2 days the phone has woke me up, except today I was actually able to go back to sleep i accidently hung up on CVS tho!!! I didnt mean to really!!!
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I woke up to a cat in my face telling me he was hungry
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
I woke up to a cat in my face telling me he was hungry
Same here - but it was two!
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Loud Alarm Clock Buzzing :/
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Miss Moofs bounced across the bed, ran over the other side, leapt onto her cat-tree and had a good scratch, scratch, scratch
Much like most days with the Raptor Moofs
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Originally Posted by LokisMum View Post
Same here - but it was two!
(at roughly 4am)
Originally Posted by Februa View Post
Loud Alarm Clock Buzzing :/
that too... but not until 6:03am. Oh and it was a radio alarm.
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I woke up at 6:35am. I keep waking up at 6:35am for some silly reason (my alarm is set for 7am).

It was nice though, I snuggled with Lily and Smudgey baby for a bit. Smudge loves DH and always snuggles with him, but whenever I wake up in the middle of the night, her and Lily are always cuddling me
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I was so hoping for a sleep in this morning since its Saturday, but Kahu wouldn't let me - he was headbutting me and scratching for his feed.

Then Peedoodle decided he wanted to snuggle as well. At 6:45am.

I am so tired already.
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I use the alarm in my cell phone, and I found myself with just a little bit of space between the end of the mattress and myself and 2 cats had the rest of the bed .
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I woke up to 'Anyway You Want It' by Journey, per usual. It's my alarm on my cell phone. I also set an alarm clock. My alarm clock is 10 minutes faster than my cell phone is so this way I have two alarms to wake me up for school instead of one. I keep them on the other side of my room so I have to get out of bed to turn them off. I get up at 6am, eew!
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Friday is a day that I work from home. So, I have the luxury of waking up naturally and ambling downstairs to start working when I'm ready
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I woke up to the news on a local radio station at 6:00 a.m. Tried hitting the snooze alarm, but Peter was pretty insistant that I get up. Did his usual standing on me and sticking his nose in my eyes. That usually does the trick.
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Alarm clock screamed at me at 6.30 - staggered downstairs for lots of loving and cat singing from the boys who told me the story of how they nearly starved overnight....................
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I woke up without an alarm today...the stabbing pains in my stomach were enough to get me up Uhhhhhh...doctors appointment first thing monday
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My nature sounds alarm woke me up....but not completely.....DH has to help me get up a lot lately! TGIF!!!
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I woke up to a very loud music alarm... Great Big Sea I think was playing at the time. I have my alarm set for 7:20 but I usually hit snooze till around 7:45 ha ha! I purposely set my alarm for that too, because for some reason having to hit snooze a couple times helps me wake up. Then when I opened my eyes Stanley was sleeping right by my head, in exactly the same spot as when I went to sleep. What a sweet heart. He hasn't left my side since I got back!
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I have to set my alarm clock out of my reach. I broke a few throwing them acrossed the room.
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I didn't get to sleep last night.. but this afternoon I passed out on the couch. it was my sister coming in to watch tv that got me up then.

I have been shutting my bedroom dorr the odd night with only me of course and Mia in there, otherwise Apollo wakes me up at 5-6am. But Not sleeping right now anyway, so I leave the door open and he still sits there breathing in my face. He could use a breathmint.
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I woke up before the alarm clock went off this morning
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Tiger woke me up like he does every morning.
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First at around 6am Trout woke me by chewing on some plastic she found in the garbage..then at 7:25 my coffee maker kicked on..that wakes me up every morning..then from 7:25 to 7:30 me and Trout have some purry cuddles . Then I get up.

The alarm RARELY wakes me up..I am always up 5 minutes before it goes off because my bedroom is off the kitchen and the sound of the coffee maker wakes me up.
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My hubby called me on a break, at work...then shortly after my daughter got up.
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an alarm, everyday an alram, but today I decided I would go into work at 7:30 instead of 6:30, so I got to sleep a little extra
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Just naturally wake up every morning at 6:00 AM. Of course it doesn't help when one of the kitties makes a point and meows in ones face if you're not up to feed them on time.......
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My mom woke me up too early so I was really tired most of the day.
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4am, my eyes popped open, pretty standard.
I'd love to be able to sleep more.
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Originally Posted by Arlyn View Post
4am, my eyes popped open, pretty standard.
I'd love to be able to sleep more.
Me, too! My alarm is set for 4:15 but today I woke up at 4:00. Might as well get up! Gotta get that mail out to everyone!
What sucks...I wake up every morning around 4:15. Even on the weekends. If it's not my own head, it's the cats cuz they are used to me getting up at that time so they insist that I get up, alarm or not! GRRR!! But after an hour we all go back to bed and get a couple hours of sleeping in.
Pretty much...I don't need an alarm!
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Originally Posted by Tavia'smom View Post
I have to set my alarm clock out of my reach. I broke a few throwing them acrossed the room.
Me too! I remember the first time Colin ever saw me throw an alarm clock....his reaction was hysterical / Needless to say- i have 3 different ones i set a few minutes apart in different strategic locations throughout the room so i can't break them all
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My husband woke me up so i could take him to work i cant sleep at night tho .so being woken up..bites. but i can always tell him to come back in five minutes..at least twice, lol its like hubby snooze.
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