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Too late for Christmas

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...but it finally got here!

"Uh, Dad.....whats all the white stuff flying around with the birdies??"

I'm sorry I haven't posted lately. I've been lurking and reading, just not posting much. The tribe and I have been kind of slugging around since Cabela died, but everybody is finally getting back to their chipper little selves.
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Oh Mike for you all what a sad time.

That pic is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
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We missed you Mike, but understand why you've been away. RIP Cabala
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Aww... it's nice to see you and part of your tribe again. Nice to hear that everyone is feeling a bit better too.
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Awww Mike I'm so sorry, I didn't know about Cabela..... that is so sad.....I hope the jellicle tribe is keeping you company....
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Awww Mike, we understand how hard it must be! I hope things get back to "normal" soon.... The snow should hopefully brighten your day some!!
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It's understandable Mike, but pleased your back
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I understand Mike, but I'm glad everyone is starting to feel better, we missed you around here and your tribe...That is a sweet pic
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Glad to see you posting again, Mike! Missed ya, but understand why.
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Wonderful to see you Mike! I hope all is well...

As always... what a wonderful pic!
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That's an amazing pic, absolutely beautiful.

Sorry to hear the grieving process has been taking its toll on you, hope the kitties are all looking after you.
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