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Has anyone heard about this lady

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Had 60 cats in some town in Texas the neighbors called because they said there was an odor coming from the house. They said that the cats were relatively healthy but they have a limit there that you can only have 10 cats. But if the house smelled from next door then how was she doing what she needed to do for them. And I could be wrong but how can you possibly care for 60 cats. And it might be due to the camara angle but the house didn't look all that big. But I just don't know how anyone could afford to properly vet and feed and water and litterbox 60 cats. And give them each the amount of love and attention that they need. I have one cat and she is pretty damanding and the highest I would ever go at one time would be 4 or maybe 5, my dad wouldn't go past 2 he says one is enough. I don't really know what to say about it but I wanted to know if anyone else had seen it. Because it made national news.
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Didn't see that one, but we occasionally see stories like that! There was a similar case near here recently where an elderly woman had over 100 cats in her house! Unfortunately, since she wasn't able to care for them properly, a lot of them were sick and didn't make it. I don't understand people like that!
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hm...i didnt heaar that yet, and all ur questions are wonderful, how could someone care and give the attention needed to the 60 cats???? I know I dealt with a private rescuer and sometimes her house is swamped with kitties, but she does adopt them out so thats great, and she is really nice! But I cant believe that, we have six now but maybe I may have more than that in the future but my limit is 10 you all can hold me to that one day !!!! !! I think I am going to search for that story tho now, I couldnt believe I didnt hear that, then again the news is very very tragic for animals these days so I dont wanna watch the news I am making a post about a dog in the other cats and animals forum about that!!! But wow 60 cats, that amazes me, if they were all in good health then I give that person some credit but idk it sounds like theres more then what I kno, so imma do some research
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How awful...poor kits.

And she would be from Texas...those durn Texans!

Hilda >^..^<
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Wow, thats tough. I know I only have to and I go absolutely crazy with the litter box duties.

The cats may have been well fed and healthy but with so many cats, the majority will be very undersocialized because they dont get that one on one human contact.
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She will probably be on that tv show Animal Cops Houston, poor little lady though, she was probably spending all her money taking care of those cats too.
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