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Good afternoon TCS

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Hi everyone I was going to say goodmorning when I got in but I did a double and when I got in I crashed really hard. So that did away with my morning but the good news is since I stayed over because they were very short last night I got today off. Two girls on nights called in and one never showed up. I am still pretty groggy but that's okay. Hope everyone had a goodnight and morning. Love and Hugs Gail and headbutts from Tavia
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Yippee - day off! Glad you're up and about now!
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Good afternoon Gail!
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Good Afternoon, mine hasnt started out that good, someone called for my brother and i was half asleep and I said hold on and accidently hung up i didnt mean too and then my oldest brother called for a number to the spay/nueter clinic even tho I TOLD HIM the prices he made me go searching through my records for the number, I called my mom and then she turned off her phone, and shes with my other brother so yes that been my afternoon and I have a headache thats really bad, and o yes my alarm clock next to my bed appearantly got turned off because I was up off and on ALL DAY and it said it was 3 pm and I almost had a heartattack so i went to put on my soaps and it was only 1, what a day !!! I hope everyone else had a better morning !!
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I woke up hot and groggy. I had to go sleep in DS's bed around 5am cause he was being grouchy and his room gets stuffy if the door is closed. Even though I was soo hot I was absolutely debating staying in bed!

Now Im going home in a few so its back to bed! lol
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I really wanted to stay in bed today, but didnt have such an excuse!
Anyone pulling a double shift should certainy get to sleep in as long as they want to!
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Good Afternoon Gail
a bit late but cheering you from Yuc Mex!....
Have a nice weekend my friend!
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I will I don't have to work this weekend. And next Friday I start my vacation.
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It is good evening from me!! Hope all is well with everyone.
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