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Originally Posted by pushylady View Post
The idea that we get to choose our lives before we're born is insulting and I can't believe anyone would take that seriously. It's like saying "oh get over it, you chose this life, it's supposed to make you stronger". :censor::censor::censor:? One step away from coming right out and blaming the victim.
A lot of people who believe in reincaration don't think we 'chose' our next lives, actively, at least. Some do believe that the choices we make to lead a good life lead to a more rewarding next life, and vice versa (similar to the idea of heaven/hell, except that you get a new chance to make better choices each time, without the damned to hell for all eternity part). Some also believe that we continue to experience similar problems until we finally learn to overcome them, before we move on to different challenges.

Before this thread, I'd never encountered the idea that we actually or actively choose any of the events of our next lives, or the roles of people in it.
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In my next life, I'd just like to feel like I'm equal to everyone else. My self esteem is just so low, that at times I just don't feel like I'm worthy to take up space on this earth. I'd like to be able to be confident, and someone who commanded a respect from other people. Of course, I'd like to learn how to love myself, and believe I had something decent to offer this world.

I also hope in my next life I am much wiser than I am now, and that I am better with money and finances, and especially better with knowing how to deal with people, and I would like to be a lot less shy and scared of other people.
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well, i actually don't believe we have a 2nd shot at it - up/down, that's it. but if we did, katiemae1277 took my answer! other than the fact i've never met someone to have a marriage with, i've been pretty pleased with my life.

Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
In my next life I want to be a cat

but if I have to be a human again, I want my next life to be exactly the same as my current one
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I believe choosing our parents before we are born doesn't necessarily mean that we choose the events, too. That is why the attitude "the bad things were meant to be" because "you picked your parents" sounds not only unsympathetic, but implies that we deserve what we get. It completely ignores the fact that people make horrible choices all the time that negatively impact others who are nearby.

If everything is as it was "meant to be," that means someone's planned it out and is making sure everyone's life going according to the plan. Someone has to be making sure that there is "good" coming from the hatred, violence, and evil any person encounters. That idea also implies that we have no free will and are puppets going through the motions. Do our puppet lives really have that kind of order? Is God the one pulling the strings? I suppose it's a nice thought in a way, but chaos is a fact everywhere, from microorganisms to the infinity of space. Are we some kind of special exception?

BTW, My oldest sister (who took care of me because my parents didn't), said that she picked our mother before she was born, so she could help her in this life. I wondered WTH did I pick our mother, our values are completely opposite so we agree on nothing, and my sister replied, "You didn't pick her, you picked me, and chose to be by my side." I don't know what religions teach, but I do know what my sister said rings true in my heart.

To Satai, Catnapt, Zissou'sMom: thank you.

To Catnapt: I believe the "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" saying doesn't mean to imply that the weak are the only ones who die... it means that those who have survived the difficulties or abuse so far, for whatever reasons, are going to have an understanding that others can not. But I am rethinking this saying now... and wondering if it is rubbish after all.

Cheers, from
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If I had another life I would want to be more determined and less afraid of failing. Oh and I would want to be taller..like 5'8 or something.
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