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Stupid Ideas That Actually Work!

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Maybe you can add some ideas of your own! This is unbelievable, stupid, and there's no reason in the world for it to work. I had heard on a late night radio talk show that putting a piece of soap under your bottom sheet would prevent leg cramps. Stupid? I totally ignored it! Well- until I began to be awakened by charlie horses! I swear my face was red with embarrassment when I put a small hotel soap under the covers. I awakened in the morning with the realization that I had not had a charlie horse that night. Pure coincidence, of course....except that it works! Don't ask me why. I've used the soap for a year now, even in the hospital. The nurse didn't laugh; she knew about it too, and we both agreed that it was a blessing from heaven!

I know it's stupid. Every night for the last two weeks the same thing happened. I kept meaning to sneak some soap under the sheet, but hadn't. The cramps were so bad I had to stand and put weight on my leg and rub it to stop the pain. The first night I put the soap back, I had no charlie horse. If I awaken and feel my leg trying to cramp, I find the soap with my foot and make sure my leg is touching it. No leg cramps!
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Wow that is weird, I'd never heard of that before! I don't have any that I can think of right now...
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1. Whenever I have a cold and my nose hurts from blowing it so much, I put my nose on my husband's nose, and it feels better immediately - maybe it's also the hug I get when I do this... this is my personal stupid thing that really works.

2. To get the smell of garlic and onions off your hands, wet them and rub them over the sides of your sink, if it is stainless steel (which many are). If not, use a SS spoon and rub your wet hands all over it. This works amazingly well, and doesn't burn your hands like vinegar or lemon juice (the "home remedies" I used to use before I saw this one).

3. Maybe someone who is more computer literate than I can explain this one. I have a medical message board site that I visit regularly, and often when I go to open it from my favourites list, it takes just forever. So I open another "copy" of MS Explorer and access it the exact same way, and it pops up immediately in the second window. Then I shut the first window and go ahead into the boards.
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Well...vinegar takes the burn out of a burn, even sunburn. I soak a paper towel in vinegar and put it on the burn. You actually feel the towel get warm as it takes the burn out of your skin.
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I just remembered this. There may be some scientific truth to this, because police use it. Have a strong man hold his arm out and try to pull it down, using both of your arms. Try to remember how much effort this takes.
Then have him stare at something pink, a pink wall, or dress, paper, (not fuschia) as long as he cannot see anything else for about 5 minutes. (It may work sooner; I can't remember.) Then, have him hold out his arm. You will be able to pull it down easily. It's my understanding that violent criminals and mental patients are calmed down by being put in a pink room. This one AND the soap work!

p.s. We tried it; it takes only a few minutes.
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No wonder I am such a pushover for my cats at night. My bedroom is a shade of pink!
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This is some great interesting stuff your sharing!

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I hope we get a bunch. I'll print them out and try them. I'm trying to think of more. I know that women can do things such as keeping their elbow straight and turn their forearms, which freaks men out, and there is something about putting your head against a wall and lifting a chair which men can't do, but I don't remember exactly how it's done.
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Well, I don't think anyone has ever done this but me, but it works for me. When I have a cold and my nose is plugged up real bad and I can't hardly breathe....I just hold my breathe for as long as I possibly can, then before I take a breath, I sniff real deep...(like when you are trying to clear it). It actually clears it up for a little bit. Not long, but hey, sometimes even a little bit is a relief.

PS...It helps if you don't hold your breath till you pass out! :laughing2
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I love these! Now I just need to find a man to rub noses with!! Although, in New Zealand among the Maori people, this is the everyday way of greeting someone.

My weird cure is that when you have hiccups, place half a teaspoon of sugar right at the back of your tongue. It stops them straight away. I have no idea how this works, but hey...
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Jeanie - that thing with lifting the chair, here's the scoop...

Place a chair with its back against the wall, stand beside it and take 3 (I think) steps out from the wall, heel to toe. At that distance, stand in front of the chair, lean over and rest your head against the wall, lift the chair off the ground by the seat of the chair and stand up. Women are able to stand up because their feet are smaller and their center of gravity is different, while men end up further from the wall and can't stand up easily.
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This isn't really a weird thing, but it works so well I thought I would share. Peppermint is amazing! It calms an upset stomach (peppermint tea), sooths burns (sunburns especially), and has amazing moisturizing qualities. I have a hair conditioner that is peppermint (Tri Unific Energy Moisturizing Treatment. It's in the Black and White line, which you can find at www.trihaircare.com ). I use it for everything! Of course, since the product is such good quality, it works as a sunburn soother and area moisturizer.
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Here's an old home remedy my mother did for relieving coughing spells. She would mix ground Ginger with sugar (the sugar is so it won't taste so bad) and then you eat it. You have to eat it like that, don't mix it with anything. It actually works for awhile, or at least it did when I was little.
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Hiccups. Drink water while plugging your ears - works every time
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..If you have a cut and it won't quit bleeding..find a spiderweb or a cobweb,place it on the wound,and it will stop the bleeding.

..If you have a sore that wont heal,find a mud dobbers nest,crush it to a powder texture and sprinkle it on the wound.

..If you have a boil, and it wont gather to a head,take a cabbage leaf.roll it in your hands till soft.Hold it over a flame until very warm,place it on the boil,and it will bring it to a head.
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Cabbage leaves for boils? I've heard about putting cabbage leaves down your bra if you are sore from breast feeding.....

Also ginger tea for morning sickness or any type of nausea.
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Another good sore throat/cough medicine that my parents' pediatritian told them about when my sister was little was a Hot Toddy. Hot tea, honey and a little whiskey (you don't need much for it to work, but for adults you can add as much as you want ). It works like a charm. Of course, now-days that Dr. would probably be sued for saying to give alcohol to a child, but he did specify to just put in a little bit.
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another cure for hiccups - Try to hiccup. works every time for me. Also, peppermint is an antidepressant. When you're down, try a bit of creme de menthe syrup in some coffee/hot chocolate.
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Why the heck is this called a "charlie horse " ???? I'm wondering !!

Thanks for that "soap-tip" ; I will try that one out , as I often gat cramps in my lower legs in the morning!! Where exactly do you have to place that soapbar please ??
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Charlie horse is a ridiculous name, and I don't know the origin!
However, what I call a charlie horse is a cramping of the calf muscle which seems to start in the foot. It is extremely painful. Just put the soap under your bottom sheet, so that it doesn't fall off the bed. I always put mine a bit higher than my foot. It doesn't matter if you can feel it at all times, but as I said, if I feel a cramp starting, I find it with my foot and make sure my leg touches it. Some people who have cramps in the daytime put a sliver of soap in their shoe.

I sometimes have restless legs. It helps them too, but not "magically," the way it stops leg cramps. (Restless legs just ache, and you can't resist moving them, so you can't fall asleep. It comes and goes.)

I think I'll check the origin of the term charlie horse. I'll let you know if I find out.
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Found it!

Charley Horse
This term for a pulled muscle is originally a baseball term, dating to at least 1888. Most sources list the origin as obscure. No one knows who Charley was or why he may have had a lame horse.
Mencken, however, gives two possible explanations. Mencken does not plump for them and to my ear they sound horribly strained. The first is that is named after Charlie "Duke" Esper, a southpaw pitcher who "walked like a lame horse." Esper, however, did not make his major league debut until 1890, so while it is possible that the term derives from him, the dates make it seem unlikely.

The second is that it comes from a lame horse owned by Charley, the groundskeeper in a Sioux City ballpark. Mencken gives no dates for this one.
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Jeanie G. = a plethora of information!
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These are so cool!

My 2 cents worth

To stop a bloody nose, take a piece of tissue or paper towel and put it under your top lip, against your gums. Seems to work

Vinegar and baking soda make a great cleanser. Use it on sinks or whatever you want to clean. It also works as a whitener, I've used it to clean white sneakers, and it really works.

Baking powder will stop bleeding. It will burn, but it does stop it.

If someone grabs you, take their thumb and pull away from their hand. They will have to let go. This is good for wrestling matches with the S/O.
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Peppermint is also good for nerves and nausea... get some essential oil and sniff it when you feel sick!! Works a treat!!

Heidi - Mmmmm Hot Toddy..... its sooo good and it really works.... - especially the more you drink!! :laughing: You can also add lemon juice too...
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I love peppermint tea! I haven't tried 'snorting' the peppermint oil, though. I put it in an oil burner with a few drops of water and it smells wonderful.
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:LOL: :LOL:... yeah I don't recommend actually "snorting" it up!!! :LOL: :LOL: .... just sniff it!!! :LOL:
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Oh and by the way.. Ylang Ylang is an aphrodesiac... (so is Jasmine, and Patchouli)
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OW! I bet snorting peppermint oil would clear the sinuses, though. Permanently! OW!

Bod, that's the trick for adults when they have the sore throat. Make a few Hot Toddy's and you won't even feel your throat, or care if it hurts! :laughing:
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If you have a sore that gets infected, use a warm tea bag to draw out the infection. Keep soaking tea bag in (boiled) warm water and repeat. Garanteed to form scab in a few hours. I find it works faster and better than any topical antibiotic.

For let cramps, take about a quarter cup of tonic water before retiring. The tonic water has quinine in it which apparently stops the cramping. This advice was given to a friend by a doctor.
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