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Job Vibes!

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Hi everyone!

My Teacher friends are really helping me out! they are so sad to see me leave the reception, they have all been wispering other companies that I can work at! (most of them work there too at other companies)

Well tonight I am going to Introduce my self and Inform my self at a Language school, apparently they are alot nicer!

Wish me luck that I get another job ASAP!
I really need to make my money!

Love you guys!
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Good luck vibes coming your way }}}}}}}}}}}}}} I hope you find something that you love!
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Tons of {{{good luck}}} vibes coming your way!! Let us know how it goes!!!
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Sending lots of good thoughts that you'll find the puurrrfect job that suits you!

Hilda >^..^<
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))))))))))))))))) (((((((((((((((((((((88
sending good vibes dear fran!
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Tons of Vibes coming you way AND ALL GOOD!!!

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Sending you many job vibes Fran..I really really hope something comes along soon{{{}}}
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Good luck!!! Good Vibes!!!!Job hunting can be so stressful - just keep up your confidence!
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You will do just great!!!! Sending mega vibes to you. ((()))))
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HUGE vibes coming your way Fran!! You'll find the right position! You'lls ee!
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Good luck Fwan {{{}}}
I hope you find your dream job!
Keep us posted
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vibes coming your way, Fran!
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