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You're not that biased Sandi. Lucky is a beautiful little girl!! She has gotten big, and looks so healthy. A tribute to her wonderful mommy and daddy who love her very much. We love her a lot too, so maybe we're all a little biased.
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More pics.
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One more...
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The first picture is of my s/o with Kitty looking up at him and Lucky - can you see Lucky? She kind of blends in. I attempted to move the tv tray to take another photo, but Lucky ran off then.

The next photo is the progress with how close Lucky will get to the dog now. Amazing? We thought so. She's come a long long way.
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Sandy, it is amazing! You have had the patience of Job in socializing Lucky and helping her to adjust to an inside life. You are to be commended ! When I get a notice that you have posted, I can't wait to read the latest news. My only complaint is that we don't hear enough from you. Post more often, please. We'd like to hear more yet. And I know everyone in the Cat Lounge would like to see the pictures too!
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My friend had a really great cat for 22 years who started as an adult stray. To 'catch ' him she put food in the backyard and at first walked away, else he wouldn't eat. Then she started sitting on the back step while he ate. One day while she was sitting there he came over and crawled into her lap ! She was so surprised at that. Anyway, we also adopted a stray from a neighbour who let this little thing out that was too young; he was bloated and had worms etc. and starving since we heard him meowing at our other cat in the backyard, and wolfed down food when we caught him a couple times to feed and protect him while we put up signs. At first, he would run away from any hand that reached toward him; gradually.... really slowly, and we constantly work at trust...soft voices, teaching him he could be held but released whenever he chooses... now, he's a lap cat and more and more affectionate. Probably about a year old now.

Just thought i'd add a remark to this interesting story -
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Lynne, what sweet stories!

Sandi - I am somehow just now seeing these pics. When I saw that pic of Lucky right next to the dog... my jaw dropped!

You have done SUCH an amazing job!!!

BTW - just in case you didn't get my PM, www.savesamoa.org has a new site up! Heidi did (what I think) is a great job, sifting through this thread to get Lucky's story up....of course, you put in all the real work (sorry, Heidi, LOL!)

Here's a link:

Lucky's Rescue Story
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Lynne -

I, too, enjoyed your story. That's great! And I really enjoy hearing of other peoples successes with strays and ferals. It really brings a smile to my face to know that another kitty has been rescued/saved.


Thanks, I will check the story out. I will have to remember to check my PM's more frequently. I know what you mean about Lucky so close to our dog (Snickers). I couldn't believe it either. In fact, I moved in VERY slow motion to go get the camera so neither one of them would scoot off. I actually saw Lucky follow Kitty up from the basement yesterday - so I'm hoping they're coming around. We don't hear too much growling anymore (mainly from Lucky). Kitty will just chase Lucky off if she gets to close to a certain spot Kitty claims as her own. I'm finally starting to relax a bit.

Oh, btw, Lucky seems to be somewhat of a jealous little gal. If we're petting our other cat she'll watch with this funny look on her face. Last night, while Kevin was petting Kitty, Lucky actually went up to his hand and just touched her teeth to his little finger. We know that's a no-no, but it was almost as if she was telling him - "hey, knock it off and pet me". She also has started begging for food. (Maybe I'll lose some weight now). If I try to eat anything at night, she's right in my lap - meowing away. She's very demanding I might add. So, we're presently trying to put a stop to that. She still makes me smile all the time, though. And you should just see her when I get her brush out - she LOVES it!!! Can't get enough of it. (Thank goodness).

Ah, to be owned by your cats...what else could a person ask?
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Sandi, I'm still amazed at the progress you made with sweet little Lucky. To see her that close to Snickers....WOW!!

Please let me know what you think of how Lucky's story came out. I took the liberty of using the pics off the thread too, hope that was OK.

I also agree with Jeanie - come by more often!! We do miss you when you're gone, and of course miss the updates on Lucky and Kitty and Snickers!
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Here's a picture of my hubby holding Lucky - can you believe it?
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Okay, I really didn't want to post this one because I look terrible, but you have to see it to believe it - I'm holding Miss Lucky!!!
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Sandi, Those pictures are a testimony to your patience and kindness to Lucky. It's amazing!
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awesome pics! I hope someday Piper will let me hold her!
Lucky looks very content and happy in your pics! it is wonderful to see! Keep up the amzing kitty mommy you are!! and post more pics...it get's addicting, we need to SEE how miss Lucky is doing!!!
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Anita -

I think given time, Piper will definitely get more comfortable with letting you hold him. Some days Lucky enjoys being held for long periods of time and other days, she likes to be held for a little while and then let down to do her thing. My hubby found that he can even pet her belly while holding her up to look at the fish in the tank. She finds that being held up gets her that much closer to getting them (or so she thinks). It is so comical, not to mention enjoyable to watch her trying to catch them. I just hope she doesn't get too frustrated over time.

Seems like Kitty and Lucky are at the point where they'll tolerate each other - they've been in the same room together for a few weeks now, but haven't cuddled or anything yet. Lucky has run of the entire house now (however, we have screened off the laundry room and Kevin's workshop in the basement - just for her own safety). Knock on wood, we haven't had any mishaps or anything yet.

Lucky is a little beggar though. If we're eating anything, it's up on our lap - practically into whatever we're eating and then the vocalization starts and she is very persistent. Naughty us usually give in (just a little bite of whatever...) which I know we have to nip in the bud or she'll learn the behavior is going to be tolerated.
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Wow Sandi! I'm so impressed!!! Ophelia is 3 years old, and Earl is still the only one who can pick her up, and only if she wants it. She let me pick her up once, when I helped her catch a bug!
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Kind of a funny thing happened the other morning. Lucky came in (while I was still somewhat asleep) and the next thing I knew, she actually just plunked herself down right on my face. Geez, do you think she was trying to wake me up?

She is very vocal as well. Constantly twirling her way around our feet/legs meowing away. I usually pick her up and she gets all cute, rubbing her head against me and then she'll look up (kind of craning her neck back) to see who's got her(?). I cannot tell you how many times a day I tell that little girl how much she's loved. And now, she'll walk right up to the dog and they'll sniff noses. Not in the least bit intimidated by our big lab.

Lucky and Kitty are still having their share of problems. Just the occasional hiss from Lucky (when Kitty gets too close for comfort), but neither one of them wants to "give in" so to speak. I've just ordered the Feliway Comfort Zone plug in. I just want to make sure neither one of them is feeling overly stressed. (Especially Kitty, being that she's fairly old).

That's the latest to date.
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Sandi, I don't think there's much doubt about it. She wanted your attention! It is really heartwarming to know that she has grown to love all of you--well, all but one, anyway! I love hearing about her progress. It's nice to know how much your husband cares, too!
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Yes, my hubby is a gem - I wouldn't trade him for the world. Although...when I mention to him that I think we should get another cat, he is holding his ground and says no . I know we'll get another cat in the future, but I guess it will have to be a while yet. That's okay with me as I want Lucky to have a bit more time to feel totally confident when the time comes to bring in another purring creature.
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Just an update on Lucky.

She's grown up to be quite a lovely, big girl thus far. She will come over on my chair with me at night if I'm reading or watching TV and meow (she's very verbal, as I've heard lately that Torti's are). I still have to be so careful when walking through the house at night (after turning out the lights) because she's right there walking between my feet. When we first brought Charm home, Lucky was a bit disrupted (again) because she had just started sleeping under my bedroom from 2-6 pm and now the new kitty has taken that room over (for her incubation period). So...Lucky has had to revert back to "her" room. She seemed to take it all in stride after a couple of days. I still have talks with her to remind her how much we love her. She doesn't bite me at all, but will nip at my hubby if he's not paying attention to her.

I'll have to get a recent photo of her so you can see how she's grown. I'm sure it'll be just crazy around here once the new kitty is introduced to the others. Kitty and Lucky have accepted that neither one of them are going anywhere, but they aren't best of friends either. However - no mishaps or attacks - so I count myself blessed. I did get the Feliway Plug-in and don't know if it's helping or not at this point.

Thanks for listening & caring!
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Sandi, This has been such an inspiration, and it continues to be! When you look back on the whole story, it must be really satisfying to see how well you and hubby have done! It's wonderful, and will help anyone who tries to socialize a feral. You are really special.
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Thanks so much, Jeanie G. I truly appreciate your kind words. I'm just happy that we were in the right place at the right time. Even though this past winter wasn't quite as hard as previous one's, I feel better knowing Lucky didn't have to try to survive out there. That's rewarding all in itself.
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Sandi: My rule of thumb with "ferals" is not to trust vets, vet techs, Humane Society, etc. as to who is too old to tame and become an indoor kitty. Four to five months of age is not too old to tame if the little guy has not been abused by humans. There is a great Feral__Cat Group on Yahoo. I too am learning about ferals/strays and I wish I had not taken the vets and my no-kill shelter "expert"s advice the first time I trapped four kittens who were five months old. I released them and have deeply regretted it. Since then I trapped the momma of these kittens, and I am successfully "taming" her. She now sleeps on our bed with my other kitties; she eats moist food in my presence with my kitties; my kitties groom her; she always uses the litter box. She is gradually coming to trust me. I love her so much. Still learning but encouraged onward by my Maggie.

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Sandi: Your Lucky and my Maggie are among the fortunate ones. Glad you were so patient and kind. Two wonderful girls.

brirach: Miracle Kitty Brina, Jesse James, Teddy B., Meicka, and Maggie

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Hello Sandi,
I read your story several months ago and thought, it only takes patience with animals and you have taught me alot. So the first of June we introduced 2 new kittens to our 1 year old, but started by putting the kittens in one room and keeping the door shut. Then in steps a week at a time, letting the older cat Bk, see the kittems (Bk was freaked out by the kittens so we took it slow) Leave the door open let Bk look at them, then he would run away, took a week of this. Next Bk would hiss when the kittens saw him and wanted to play. So a month later they are the best of friends and we can not keep BK away from them
I had to remember, let the cats tell you when they are ready and my first sign was when Bk was playing footsies under the door with the kittens
Yours is a wonderful story
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Thanks Clarabelle and Brirach!!!

First of all, I am so happy that my story has helped anybody at all - whether it be in a big way or a small way! That it has accomplished that is wonderful. I was so happy to hear about the kittens and BK becoming great friends, Clarabelle!!! Great News!!! I'm so proud of all of you!!!

Brirach - I know what you mean about our kids being the fortunate ones. I, too, ended up taking some feral kittens in to Animal Control fairly recently and have regretted it ever since. I will never do that again. Even though it took an extreme amount of patience (which I have to admit, I didn't know I truly possessed), it was well worth it. Lucky has become SO loving to both my husband and myself. And, she even tolerates the kitten (Charm) eating wet food out of the same bowl. I couldn't believe that. Charm sometimes will just hoard in and Lucky acts as if Charm is her baby or something. They play so nice and are great friends. It brings a smile to me every time I watch them together.
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Sandi, I can just Imagine Lucky and Charm together!!!! I'm so glad we stickied this story... it is so wonderful, and I, too, am so glad that it's helping other people! You're all angels!!!!!!
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awesome Sandi! do you have a pic of them playing together? I'd love to see it!!!
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They aren't actually playing in this one, just being comfortable companions. I will work on getting the playing picture for you - usually they're so quick and rambunctious while playing - it could be difficult. I actually have videoed them playing - it's just easier that way.
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Another cute one from this morning - Lucky and her new buddy Charm...
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Sandi, they're so cute!!!! I LOVE Charm!
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