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Sandi - and it's so funny that none of us thought to "warn" you about it, either. The stuff we do that we just take for granted..... Boy - we could really write a step-by-step guide from this thread! What a great resource!!!!!!

I sure hope the string passed, because this was about a week or so ago. I've done what I can to keep an eye on the litterbox and haven't seen anything obviously that had string in it - but haven't taken things apart to make sure!

But no one seems to be having any problems, and Gary gives them all "exams" almost daily! LOL! He squishes them and feels around a lot - he's really keeping an eye on a fairly large bone spur that Shelly has near his ankle. It doesn't hurt him - at least not yet. But the end result is that we also know that none of the kitties are tender anywhere. So I guess we'll just cross our fingers and hope!

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I'm crossing my fingers for you as well. I still haven't seen any of the cord from Lucky's toy either. I have put the stool samples in one container and if I don't see anything tomorrow, I'll be donning the rubber gloves and "sifting" through it. No looking forward to that, but...

Lucky has been behaving fine as well. I even rub her tummy a little (getting brave with her these days) and she doesn't seem to be in pain - just irritated that I'd dare to rub her stomach. :tounge2:

I cannot believe how very friendly our little one has become.

As far as not being warned about this type of thing...I should've probably used common sense. And - to admit the truth - I had thought about moving that stuff as she was starting to explore a bit more as of late. You'd better believe I'm looking at things in a totally different way these days. It's almost obsessive. And - I figure in about another month or 2 she'll be able to join the rest of the household - not just that bedroom. The cords are a big thing - I don't know what to do other than use Bitter Apple. I'm a bit concerned with that as we used it when our lab was a pup and she ended up LOVING the stuff. UGH!!!

Anyhow...I'm thinking whichever of your babies ate the string - it sounds as if it must've passed already.

Does anyone know if a cat actually will chew the cording into pieces or just swallow the whole long piece?
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Sandie check your PM I just sent you an easier way....
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Thank you, Hissy! I will try that. I will also have to look at the remaining string to see if it was cotton or nylon. I'm thinking nylon, but can you believe I cannot remember right now?

Anyhow...thank you!
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Good News!!!

The string has passed through Lucky's system just fine. It was more like 14 inches long, however. It was in 2 pieces and I cannot believe she didn't choke on it - or how she got it down. Ugh.

Anyhow...I guess I got "Lucky" in more ways than one.
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that is great Sandi! I am so happy Lucky is fine! wow 14 inches! gee how did she get that down~!
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Sandi, Lucky is very lucky, isn't he? I'm so glad it's over. I think God was watching over one of His little creatures these past few days!
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I agree with you Jeanie G. I think this whole adventure of Lucky even coming into our lives was part of His plan. I don't want to get all religious here, but I've thought that from the get go - and I must admit - we were praying all along for Lucky's good health and just helping us to deal with her in general. It's helped a great deal. I think also that is evident of other posts on this board - the power of prayer really works!
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Oh oh, I called Lucky "he." She is very lucky, and I do believe that there is a purpose in all of these fortunate "accidents." Lucky was meant to find you. You have learned from each other, and have made many friends because of her. And she is alive and trusting because of you. I completely agree with you; prayer works.
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Sandi I am glad you found it and that there were no big problems. Please keep string away from Lucky from now on. Ferals love string, string reminds them of mouse tails, and they loooove mouse tails!
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Sandi, I'm so glad Lucky passed the string with no further incident. I know I haven't been posting here much lately, but I have been checking in on you and Miss Lucky, and have kept her in my thoughts as well.

You've just gotten your first dose of Board Magic. I hope you don't need more any time soon, but if you do this place and all the prayers and positive energy can work wonders.
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YAY! I have a whole bunch of questions - but I'll PM them, I think! Lucky Lucky!!!

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OMG!!! I just read this about Lucky eating the string!!!! 14 inches???? WOW!!!! I am so glad it came out okay!!!! And Laurie, did you ever figure out which cat ate your string?
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Oh, I will definitely be keeping string away from Miss Lucky! You can bet on that. I'm only wondering what else I could possibly be overlooking.

Anyhow...she's back to her loving and spunky self. You should see her when she gets this wild behavior going...she's like a whirlwind. And I'm just like a new mom, everytime I think she's going to fall off of some surface I'm freaking out - and my hubby is constantly reassuring me that she'll be fine. She is so fun to watch!!! Now I know where most of my time is going - catwatching! You forget the antics of kittenhood after 17 - 18 years. My other Kitty is usually such a couch potato, but she seems to want to get in on the action lately - so I'm doing that slow but sure.

Lucky has 3 more days of the second part of the meds to rid her of the worms and then we wait another month to recheck for any evidence of worms. After that...we're hoping to introduce her to the household. All the girls still watch each other through the door, but the hissing and growling are at a minimum. We'll see what happens...
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Ooooo - I can't wait until we open the door!

Debby - no, we never figured it out. But it's been too long to bother with searching the stools, I think. We'll just keep checking each cat every day for tenderness. And we're home enough that it is real easy to spot any changes in behavior.

The most likely culprit is Shelly, but there' just no way to know.
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Well - all the kids seem just fine, so whoever ate the string MUST have passed it by now!!!!

Sandi - I've been thinking about you and Miss Lucky. Have we opened the door? Are we still making intro's?

Just hadn't gotten a Lucky (or Sandi) fix lately, and I'm going through withdrawal.

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You can't leave us now, Sandi. We care about you and Lucky!
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Hi All,

Nope, I'm not leavin' just been awfully busy lately trying to remodel the bedroom before Lucky leaves her other room.

Laurie, I'm so glad it looks like the culprit must've passed the string. I know exactly how panicked one can get waiting, but I agree, if all is well - by now whoever chewed and ate the string - it should definitely have passed. Whew!!!

And - Jeanie G. - thank you for making Lucky and myself feel so loved!

No - the door isn't opened quite yet. We have to take another stool sample in the first week in March to double check that the roundworms are gone. I think, just to be on the safe side, I'll take another one in the following week (if the first one comes back negative). Then, da, dah, da, dah...the magic door will open. Lucky seems to be getting more used to Kitty at the door, but Kitty has been doing this weird meow that drags out and turns into a low growl. I think maybe she's trying to tell Lucky that she's been here longer and she's the boss. Lucky will suddenly jump at the door (kind of sideways) and then she'll hightail it back 2-3 feet when Kitty isn't phased by Luck's behavior. Lucky will actually come up on the bed with me and meow and rub against me after this happens. It's too funny. I guess she feels I'm her protector. We're rubbing the towels all over each of them and then putting the opposite towel in by the other one. Lucky rolls around on the one with Kitty's scent all over it. She'll even lick the towel. I think that's a good sign. Kitty doesn't do much with the Lucky scented towel yet, but I'm not sure Kevin rubbed Lucky down with it enough. I'll do it again tomorrow. I must tell you, it will be so much nicer once Lucky is out with the rest of us.

Although, I don't know if I'd consider Lucky a "lapcat", she's VERY lovable. Tonight she laid right up against me all sprawled out and fell fast asleep, twitching away - dreaming - for close to an hour. I had my arm and hand curled around her body to keep her warm and her back was up against me (also for warmth). She LOVES to be brushed, petted, cuddled (for a time). I got this package of 3 glittery mice from our grocery store and she absolutely adores the orange one. We'll toss it off the bed and she goes and (get this) fetches it like a dog would. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life. She'll go fetch the other toys we throw off as well, but we could throw that orange mouse all day long and she'd just keep going for it. If it goes under the dresser where she can't get to it, she'll come up without it and then I go fetch it for her. Ah, yes...the joys of being owned by a feline.

We're all doing well. I'll be writing (possibly frantic out of my mind) sometime in March when the cat's let out of the "bag (room)".

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Thanks for the update Sandi!! I've been wondering about you and Lucky too, and how things are progressing with Kitty. Sounds pretty good so far.
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Sandi - hope you're enjoying this remodeling. There are a few in the Lounge who've been through the remodeling nightmare.

I just want to prepare you for Lucky and Miss Kitty, who will undoubtedly have some scraps! It may start with licking and grooming each other. But it sometimes escalates into a real scrap before you know it.

The best thing to do, remember, is to not interfere unless it's getting nasty. And nasty means the ridge of hair on the back (you'll see it - if it's there, it is very prominent), ears flat back - that's a ready to attack position. If there's just growling and "cat fighting" - paws swatting at each other, rolling around, jumping and diving at each other - that's OK, as long as no blood is being drawn.

If YOU'RE lucky, Lucky will let Miss Kitty be alpha without too much contention. She may attack Miss Kitty just out of fear, though. When we brought Spooky inside there was a lot of growling and hissing and fighting the first week. But the boys tried to steer clear of her. If they got within a foot or two, she'd run over and swat them good. But they'd back off. Once she was sure they weren't going to attack her, she stopped being aggressive. She happily became "low cat on the totem pole," leaving everything peacefully in place around here.

Hopefully you won't have much of that, as the cats have had quite a bit of time to get to "know" each other.

Come on round worms - BE GONE!!!!!!

:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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Sandi, I'm laughing at Lucky running to you when she gets told off. Whichever of my two is getting the worse of the tag game runs to me, as if to say, na na, na na na ! Then they're soon playing again.
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Thanks for the info Laurie, I do appreciate it a lot! I remember (Way Back When) when we introduced Kitty (who was 5 months old then) to Midnight (who was a male, about 3 1/2 years old). There was plenty of hissing and growling - I remember thinking how strange it was that little Kitty was hissing - it seemed such a large thing for such a little girl. They took about 2 weeks and then they were best buddies.

As I've expressed in the past - Lucky acts like such a kitten (even though she's about 9 months old now). I'm thinking she's going to act tough, but probably run and hide. I just hope and pray the day will come when everyone gets along and we're one big happy family. Of course, then I'll be wanting to add yet another creature to our lair/den/home. I keep checking the humane society website for our area - Just In Case. Also, we're keeping our eyes open for anymore ferals that may need help.

Jeanie G. - isn't it funny when they come to us like that? I laughed just reading your post - "na, na, na, na, na...". I thought that very thing - like Lucky was saying to Kitty, "Ha, see, she's petting me - so you can growl out there all you want". However, Kevin was out there with Kitty petting her.

Oh, I also forgot to mention...I think Lucky gets a little jealous of me when I'm rubbing my hubby's back at night. She gives me this "look". If only she could speak our language...I can't even explain the "look", but Kevin is definitely hers. I believe she's starting to spend her time evenly with both of us, but Kevin is her guy - that's for sure.
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Don't worry Sandi, I get the "look" from Ophelia all the time. She doesn't really like me messing with her Daddy. :laughing2 She even tosses her little head and meows really curtly at me. Yeah, she has a bit of the prima donna attitude.

Ophelia also learned quite early in her little life that she had Daddy wrapped around her littel dewclaw, and all she had to do was squeal and Trent would get in trouble, even if Daddy had no idea what was going on. Smart little girl. I remember one night, Trent was playing with her in the living room while we were watching TV. She made a little noise, but Daddy didn't yell at Trent (because I was there and saw what was going on and she wasn't the innocent victim). She gave hubby this look that spoke volumes: "Did you see that??? Daddy!! Get him in trouble!!!" It was all in her eyes. She was incredulous that Trent wasn't getting in trouble when she squealed. :LOL:

Sandi, I really envy you with how far you've come with Lucky. I still don't have that kind of bond with Ophelia. If only I had known about TCS back then......
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I am just so happy that everything has went so well with Lucky!!!!

I know it took a long time...but it was worth it, wasn't it??

Keep us updated on things...we miss hearing how everything is going! **HUGS**

And say a little prayer for Spike for me, would you please....he has cancer under his jaw and there is nothing the vets can do...it is full of puss, scabby and getting bigger, but he seems okay, and eats and plays, but it is obviously getting worse....do you have any advice? I feel so bad for him......

He doesn't act like he is in pain....but he has to be! Should I have him put to sleep or what? I know they are very prone to cancer, and my friends Hedgie died of this also. Is this what happened to Thistle? ( I think that was her name, please forgive me if I am wrong)
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I'm emailing you at your regular addy about Spike.


I had to laugh reading your post. Too smart these little girls are. I can almost picture Ophelia doing that! Poor Trent! BTW, I love that name, Ophelia. Very neat! It sounds like you know exactly "the look" I'm referring to. I know about the head swivel as well. Too funny!
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Okay, took a sample in to the vet today and it came back negative for worms. I'm taking another one in next week - just to be SURE and on the safe side. Then, if that comes back negative...OPEN SESAME - and we'll take it from there. I'm so hoping we'll have very few problems with everyone getting to know each other. Time will tell.

More to come next week...
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This is exciting, Sandi! I know you'll watch them carefully. Of course they'll do some hissing and batting at each other--or at the air between them, but that's to be expected. I can't wait until Lucky joins the household. I hope all goes really well!
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Oh Sandi, that is GREAT news!!!!!

Shelly's got round worms AGAIN. We drontaled them all, bleached the litterbox, cleaned the house and have to give them the medication again in three weeks.

I know round worms can be really difficult to get rid of, but I can't help wondering if we were somehow tracking larvae in here because of the outside cats. But they're all gone now (except the older ferals - and their feeder is up in the woods, not right here). I really hope this is the last time we have to go through this (and that the poor kitties have to go through it!!!!!)

Sandi - I can't wait.

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I know what you mean, Laurie. I was so bummed when Lucky turned out to have worms after a negative test (probably because I took the sample in too early - before the gestation period was up). I felt so terribly for Lucky - because she definitely acted different, not to mention that time she threw the 2 worms up - YUCK!

I hope this bout of roundworms is over with for your household soon as well. Your poor babies. I feel for them (and you and Gary as well).

(((HUGS))) and many scritches to your purballs!
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Thank you for your e-mails, Sandi, and your concern...it is so comforting to know that someone cares. Spike is still hanging in there....poor little guy.
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