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Little Lucky is so funny. She has this mat that you put catnip in and usually it's moved under one of the dressers each morning when I get up. Well, this morning I couldn't find it under either of the dressers. Here it was under the bed - right in the middle. I must mention all her toys are there as well. Looks like I've got a little toy horder on my hands. She's too funny. She really is becoming a lovable cat!

She's also on a mission to remove tags from anything in her reach. Last night she kept trying to tear the tag off of the bottom of the bed sheet. Finally, Kevin got up and tore it off himself. We are so amused by all her curiousity right now, but I told Kevin, I think we're really in for it when she gets free rein of the whole house. I must definitely cat proof!!! Big time.

No complaints mind you! I'm just thrilled to be where we're at - seeing as I was feeling somewhat negative in the beginning.
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Just curious Sandi- when was the last time you sat down and read this thread all the way through? What a growing experience you have been through with her. I am so proud of all 3 of you!
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Sandi - our cats are tag attackers too! They just can't resist. And they LOVE the boogie mat!!!!! They went so bonkers over it, we had to get another one, because they wouldn't share. LOL!!!!!

I'm SO SO HAPPY to hear how wonderful all of you are doing! She is so obviously happy - what GREAT kitty parents you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep the stories coming!!!!! What will we do when she's taken over the whole house? You'll have to move your stories to the Cat Lounge for everyone to see!


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It's funny you should ask me that, Hissy. I've been working on Lucky's story (for the Paws & Reflect thread) and started reading this the other night and had to stop for a bit as it was getting late. I can't believe how much progress we've made in a fairly short time. That is on my agenda to read through it all one of these afternoons.:tounge2:

And Laurie, as far as those boggie mats...aren't they the greatest? The first night Kitty wouldn't leave hers, but the next day she ended up getting ill (threw up) and I fully believe it was too much of a good thing. Now she will sit/lay/etc on it for a bit and then go lounge in her chair (gee, used to be my chair, but it's been taken over). Lucky absolutely loves her boogie mat and I think it's actually helped her become more social with us. They each also have these refillable catnip mice they love, but we have to take those away (when the girls aren't looking, of course) from time to time as they can get them pretty riled up.

I just printed out this whole thread and plan to read it tonight. That way I can finish up Lucky's story for Laurie's project and really see how far we've come. I'm sure I'll be amazed. Time just seems to be flying by and with it something new comes along with our little Lucky. I can't imagine what life would be without her at this point.
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Are ANY of your surfaces your own in that room? Gary CONSTANTLY complains that he has no surfaces left - they all belong to the cats! (Except the kitchen counter. Mostly )
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I know that Laurie and I will be fighting over Lucky's story when you have it condensed! (Ok, Laurie, ya wanna fight? ) Well, maybe we can just share! It's a great story and a great experience. And just think, Lucky, you have a whole house to take over!
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You two are so funny!!!

Nope, Lucky's pretty much taken over all the surfaces in that room. That's why I'm planning on putting the really breakable, special items on the tables in the rest of the house away or in our hutch so they don't get knocked down. I am anxiously awaiting the time when she can explore the rest of the house. She's just so fun to watch!

Oh, and guess what? She's really starting to love me (almost as much as she loves Kevin). She was up on her perch tonight for only 5 minutes before coming right back on my chest to get her pets. (Oh, I just heard her "Heard that Bird" toy chirping - she must be playing). I have to smile. Hopefully Kevin will be able to get some sleep! I wish you guys could all be here when I spend time with her - she's come SO far already. It's incredible to just watch her at play and at rest. Those eyes just show everything she's feeling and thinking! And - I haven't gotten hissed at since she finished this bout of the worm meds. We've got to start them for 5 days again on January 29th. Hopefully, that will do the trick and she'll be on her way to worm free intestines. You can really tell that she's feeling better, too.

Ah, I do go on and on (and on) - but I know you all understand (and probably feel the exact same way about your purring babies!).

Yep, our pets definitely run our lives! I LOVE IT!!!
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Sandi you are making wonderful progress! Gosh, it's taken me almost 3 years to get Ophelia into loving me, not just Earl. Of course, I didn't have all this wonderful assistance. LOL

BTW, any more pictures of the little love? I'm sure she's grown so much since you brought her in, and we'd love to see her again. Please?
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I've been meaning to start taking photos of her again, but I get so caught up watching her instead. I will get more pics up when I can. Also, she really hasn't gotten much bigger because she still had worms and we didn't realize it However, we are treating her for them now and hopefully when those pesky things are totally out of her system, she'll start putting on some weight.

She's pretty active (from 2 am to 5 am) so I'm not sure if she'll put too much weight on too soon.

I know what you mean about not having all this help when you got Ophelia. I don't know what I would've handled all this without all the expert advice. I know I'd have gone crazy!!! This site was a Godsend at the right time. (You're part of that wonderful group by the way! ).
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Hi Sandi,

Just wanted to let you know I have read all the posts in this thread! (gee it took quite some time) but the story of you and your progress with lucky has got me glued! It's also makes me wish I had had all the help you've gotten from here when I got piper. She wasn't a feral, but an abused cat from a shelter who exibithed the same behavior as a feral. She is my first cat and when I got her I didn't know anything about cat's except that I loved them. Since getting her and have searched and read about her beahvior to try and turn her around. She was 3 when I got her, I have only had her for 5 months. Although she is better, because of my lack of knowlegde at the time I think she could have changed a lot more if I knew then what I know now....for example she hid under the bed for 2 days, ate drank and used the litter box, but not when we were around. finally she came out, even head rubbed. But when ever we pet her her tail wagged, and we didn't know that was a bad sign. Then she hissed at all stagners and growl when ever you touch her the wrong way. Even bite for no reason (not piercing skin). She also won't play at all. We've tried every toy you can buy and make. We even built her a cat tree and cubby. She sleeps in the cubby but never played with the tree. It seemed at first she was warming up to us, but now she only wants food and to be left alone, occasionally does friendly things like rub herself on the floor on the carpet. It's really cute! Me and my hubby still love her but wish she would be more happy and playful and show more love and not fear. I am so sorry didn't mean to babble as I do not want to interfere in lucky's story! COngrats I am so happy for you and lucky and can't wait ot hear how it goes when you are all one big family!!!
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Cookie, just like with people it can take a long time for a cat to let down the walls and build trust. It's never too late to do things right with Piper! It may take a long time for her to feel comfortable enough around people - the things that hurt her so badly - to play and accept love. It takes a lot of patience on your part, being willing to take it at her pace and proving to her over and over and over that you only mean to love her. 5 months is a pretty short time for a kitty to learn to trust, especially if she had been abused.

We'll be here for you to support you, give advice and encouragement, share in the triumphs and commiserate with the setbacks with you. If you would like, start a new thread here in the feral forum and we'll all help you though this difficult time with Piper.
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I'm so happy you're enjoying Lucky's story thus far. And don't worry about contributing about your Piper. It's not just a thread for Lucky - just my experiences with my feral that I sincerely hope help somebody else.

I loved hearing about Piper as well. I'm thinking since she was abused it may take a bit longer for her to gain trust. I'm thinking that must be very hard for a cat to take the chance to trust someone again remembering what has happened to her in the past. You are such a sweetie for taking her in and loving her. As I have been told MANY time (thank goodness), just have patience and let her go at her own pace. If you feel like talking or whatever about some of the frustrating feelings that go along with practicing that patience - feel free to send me a private message. I can understand fully what you must be feeling. I would have so many ups and downs because I'd take how Lucky was acting towards me personally. I probably had the advantage as it doesn't seem like Lucky was ever abused, just taught by her feline mommy to be wary of humans (to survive).

I'd love to hear more about Piper and what kinds of toys you've tried with her. Also, maybe others that are more familiar with abuse cases (Hissy) can suggest some articles that may help you out a bit more. I fully believe if you just have the patience and try to really think like that little furry being, in time all will work out for the best. I'm crossing my fingers for you and sending the best vibes I can your way that soon Piper will come to understand you only mean to give her love and a wonderful life.

You are an .
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Hi all! thanx for the quick replies, I took heidi's advice and started a new thread, althouhg being new to this site I don't know how to give the linkg from here. Hissy I will try that reading and classical music thing, but the treats pose a problem,she will not touch them, we have tried all sorts diiferant makes flavors with no success. She does like fresh meat, and will occasioianlly eat it from our hands, and loves wet food, so while I am reading to her should I replace treats with fresh meat? the problem is the wet food/ fresh cannot stay out long... please post replies in the new thread if you can find it! Sanhdi, thanx so much for your caring gesture, I will probably take you up on sharing the frustrating feelings!
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Okay, I tried some more pics. Problem is, she's still leary of the camera. Also, hubby usually prances around in his underwear (too much info, I know) so I have to get photo's where I can crop this out. :tounge2:
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I think this is my favorite of her to date.
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Ah, Sandi, what a cutie she is. You two (three) have come so far, and we feel as if we've lived it with you. I'm looking forward to the "meet the rest of the gang" story!
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Oh Sandi!!! Lucky is just beautiful!!!!!!
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What a beautiful little girl Lucky is!! She looks so comfortable on the bed. I like the 3rd one best, too. I love it when they get all tucked in like that. We tell Ophelia and Trent that they are meatloafs when they do that. LOL
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Meatloaves? Heidi, that's funny! I'm only sorry I didn't think of it.
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It came from Earl's family, actually. Ophelia meatloafs all the time, but Trent doesn't do it very often. Whenever he does we see him and say "Trent's a meatloaf!" and I swear he rolls his eyes at us. LOL
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According to a book I have on cat behavior, cats sit that way because it's warmer. It looks so cute; I hate to think it's just because they feel chilly.
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Sandi - I LOVE that last pic!!!! Thank you so much for taking (and sharing more) of them!!! SHe's such a cutie. I thought little Spooky looked like Lucky - but she doesn't. Spooky has way too much tan in her and just a little orange.

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Okay, now Lucky is definitely getting more comfy in that bedroom. She's really investigating - which is fine. However, I put her wand toys up high and she got the wand with the mouse attached to a string/cord and she chewed off the cording and about 7-8 inches of it is missing. I'm very concerned as I know this can create a problem with her intestines. What should I watch for? I'm so worried!!! I called the vet, but they're closed already and I can always call the emergency number if she starts showing signs of being in distress. So far all seems well. We've searched the room for the missing string to no avail. I can only hope she chewed it up well.

When I was telling my mom the other day about all Lucky's antics, she told me she thinks we're going to have our hands full with this little one, and I must say I agree with that statement. Now I'm really going to have to "kitty-proof" the house. I'll be looking at everything in a different light now.

Any help or suggestions on the missing string - let me know, please. I know if we see any coming out of her other end - we do not try to get it out - as that can cause major problems. Now it'll be somewhat of a waiting game, I guess.
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If this didn't happen very long ago you can give her 2 or 3 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide at a time until she throws up. That will get the string if it is still in her stomach. Hydrogen peroxide is safe to give. It is h2o2, two hydrogen atoms with two oxygen atoms per molecule, similar to water which is h2o, two hydrogen atoms to each oxygen atom. So it is a safe substance to use even if they don't barf it up. Becky
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You can always give her mineral oil too or laxatone to help push it out the other way. My concern would be that it is stuck in her throat? That happens sometimes, the way to tell is give her some wet food to eat and watch her swallow, if she lurches her head up and raises her neck when she swallows, she could be trying to get past the obstruction.

We put all our wand type toys in the closet and close the door. They are supervised playthings only. Ferals love string for some reason.
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What happens if Lucky doesn't throw it up? I ask, because we accidentally left a wand toy out overnight recently, and we had about the same amount missing. But we didn't know which cat did it. We kept a close eye on all of them - none appeared to be in distress, and all were (and still are) eating just fine. We watched the "deposits," but haven't "seen" anything yet. Although I'm not SURE we'd notice it if it weren't obvious - which I assume it would be. ???? None of them is even acting like they've got a hairball, but now I'm all worried again.

Is it still inside one of them? Can it hurt them? Do we need to do anything?
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Usually string does go through OK. But it can get hung up on the turns in the intestine and then cut through the intestine leading to peritonitis and death. So you should follow Hissy's advice and load everyone up with laxatone or vaseline and move it on through. Your vet can take xrays and see if it is hanging up but since you don't know who ate it that can be expensive. I would keep an eye out for abdominal pain, tenderness, diarrhea, depression, vomiting and fever. And watch the litterbox for the string but if it is in the feces you may not see it. Just make sure everything gets moved on through for a couple of days and then you can relax. Becky
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Hey Sandi, Just wanted to let you know I hope Lucky is ok...please post and let us know how she is doing...same for you LDG!
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Thanks for your good thoughts Anita. I'll definitely keep you all posted. So far Lucky is acting quite normal - eating the wet food went fine, no problems there. She's playing like normal and wanting to be loved as normal - so we'll see what tomorrow's litterbox brings - or the next days. I will be keeping a close eye on her and can only pray things "come out" right.

I'm telling you Laurie, sounds like we have a lot of the same "adventures" with our furbabies. I hope your kitties are okay as well. I think they just enjoy keeping us on our toes.

Hissy, you've got something there, with these ferals being so interested in string. My other cats would play with string, but never eat it like this - or chew the string until the toy on the end of it came loose. We now put the interactive toys in the closet. I feel stupid that I didn't realize it could be hazardous before this happened, but as I stated, none of our other cats past or future have ever had problems like this. My only hope is Lucky will be okay.
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