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Even though is sunny outside is only 4F with a windchill of about -18F!!
And its considered warm by the weatherman considering its going to get a whole lot colder by Sunday.
So cold weather tips (as on TV this am)
Vehicle batteries in colder climates only last about 4 yrs due to this type of weather-so when you start you vehicle just turn the ignition to on for a few seconds before starting your vehicle. Let it run only a couple of minutes before driving off.
I keep a blanket, extra mittens, hats and boots this time of year in the vehicles-just in case.
Don't let any animal outside for an extended period of time.
Make sure if you feed birds that they continue to have plenty of food-they are counting on you for this. If you have a birdbath heater-use that to as they do need water.
Keep curtains/blinds closed at night to stop transfer of cold air from the glass.
Wear a hat outside!!

Anyone have their cold weather tips?? (suggesting moving to a warm climate perhaps??)