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sorry jus another question

the bandage vet put around cleo after spaying came off so her stitches r exposed

is this ok...she keeps trying to get at them....i cannot get a collar thing as they r not available here....

ive sent hubby 2 get some micropore or whatever its called that they put on humans as i dont want to risk her pulling something out!

is this gona be ok??

sorry but i dont know who else to ask the vet jus said bandages cud come off 2day blah blah and it didnt even cross my mind to ask about how 2 protect the stitches
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There isn't much to worry about. The suture is cut between each stitch so even if she pulls one out she won't pull them all out - it's not like pulling a thread on a piece of clothing. Also, there are two layers of stitches - one in the skin and another below, in the muscle. So if she pulls a stitch out she still will only have a hole in her skin, which will heal. So keep an eye on things but don't worry.
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ok cool...just dont want her hurting herself really and stupid vet left so much extra string that it wud be easy for her 2 yank one out

will prob still try 2 cover em up tho

thnx for yr advice...appreciated
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Unless she is OVER-licking, there shouldn't be a problem. Little Mika licked a bit but she was fine and we didn't use a cone or bandage on her.
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