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Lorie - it was after Lizza posted that pic that I think someone started the eye-candy for ladies thread... Here it is:

Calling All Ladies Part 2

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Oi that's a sexist picture :P I'm traumatised from seeing that, but I bet he's tiny :o
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Thank you for posting that site, I enjoyed looking at those hunks!
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BuNN - I don't think you were here for the last road trip, but the ladies all got sick of the likes of Brittany Spears that the guys kept trying to drag along... we were just "getting even." LOL!

And Kellye - feel free to add to the thread, you don't need to just look!

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Oh, BuNN....Like I would ever copy anything that is sexist. It's only sexist if you look at a picture the wrong way...

I'm only looking at the boots...what are you looking at??

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I dated a guy for 2 1/2 yrs. and he ended up telling me he was gay a year or so later after we split up.

I had a similar experience, but it didn't take 2 1/2 years. I dated a guy while I was in grad school, who according to other friends was really interested in me. We went out for a few months until one night he told me "Well, I wasn't sure, but now I am. I know I'm gay." I felt like asking "And so, I'm the one who did this to you?"

It was kinda sad, because he was such a good person with a true heart, and I was starting to fall in love with that. Now, I can look back and get a laugh out of it-Hey, look, I made someone gay (though I don't have a problem with it, my best male friend in high school came out to me shortly after we graduated, and he's still a very important person in my life).
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Oh my goodness...this thread has me cracking up! Great pic of Vin though....ooohhhh yyeeaahhhh

Ok ok these are my obsessions...
My husband, the love of my life
Drag racing ( uumm the smell of nitro burning..yummy!)
Big lifted trucks
Going mud boggin' (the muddier ya get the better)
My camaro
Finding jeans that are long enough (I'm 6 ft tall)
Antique glass
My one and only nephew Cody Ben
Finding a house so we don't have to rent anymore
Animal books

Well I guess that's it. I'm sure I forgot something.

Thanx for the laughs

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All other animals!
my friends/family
cat shows/ cat breeding
the internet/tcs/nzcf homepage
my house
my 'stuff'

Now your turn!
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My cats of course, and vanilla coke I can't function without it.
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my son's many rolls
my JB's furry belly
Dr. Phil and Oprah shows
my husband *of course*
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Interesting thread!

My list:

(Specifically Abyssinians)
(Also specifically, MY CATS! The spoiled ones!)
Cat Rescue
Crows and ravens
Harry Potter
Lord of the Rings
my Mustang Convertible!
Stweart's Key Lime Soda
Peanut Butter
Boyer's Peanut Butter Smoothies
Led Zeppelin
The Cat Site
Desktop Taipei
Neverwinter Nights (computer game)
Flea Markets
Thrift Shops
Tie-Dyed stuff
fantasy books
Civil War history
Renaissance Faires
Tarot Cards
Egyptian mythology
Indian Food
Mexican Food
Italian Food
Rita's Water Ice!
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My husband
my grandkids
my cat's

the cat site
sleeping late
My garden tub
chocolate anything!!!~~~~~
there has got to be more,but I can't think of any more right now.
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Myself and my BMW
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E36 Try again as we all know there is more to you than that!


Hubby, my knight in shining armor
Kids, not quite the ones I had imagined they would be...
Grandkids, even though they are rambuncious!
Cats, they always cheer me up
Painting minis, I can acomplish somethings
Reading, it is my escape
The Cat Site, adults as far as the eye can type!
The Fly Lady, keeps me busy
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grilled chicken salads
cats (of course)
the color lilac
fantasy novels
sunless tanning
my car (dodge stratus)
home improvement shows
bath and body works warm vanilla sugar anything
scented candles
changing my look (hair, style, whatever)
the internet
graphic design (even tho i SUCK)
precious moments
designer purses
trying to find a JOB
shopping shopping and SHOPPING some more
business magazines
budgeting.. and um overbudgeting.. and obsessing about money
learning new things (and never mastering anything..)

and probably other stuff but i can't think clearly at the moment..
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My cat
Message Boards
Bubble Gum Ice Cream
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My cats.
My car.

Oh, and the Cat Site!
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This is an interesting thread. I had to think for a while.

My faith
My family (they are the best)
My cat Maximillian
My Goddaughter Halley
The Detroit Red Wings
My house and garden
Reading and the library (most favorite past time and favorite place)

I am sure there are more, but these are the most important.
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MY Obssesions:

1-Paul Stanley of Kiss & My cat Snoopy (toss up)

2-The rock band: Kiss

3-My other Kitties.

4-Getting a Bengal cat


6-Collecting DVD's

7-My computer

8-Computer graphics & web design


10-Collecting Kiss Memorabilia

11-Message Boards

Thats about it.
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