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AHHHHHH HUH!!!! GEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZ MATE!!!!! I dunno, one minute yer drawing pistols and then the next ya being all sweet and friendly like.......anyone would think you wanted something Ahem!!!

Okay this is going to be the blind leading the blind LOL.

Once you have clicked download where it says free download click here with an arrow pointing to where you have to click.....right have you got it? Am I going to fast??? It will then take you to a screen that says your name and your email address! Once you've filled that in a box will come up on your screen that says either save this to disc or open from current location! put a little dot in the save to disk line and then click okay! are you still with me?? It will then open a drive to save it into usually C: Drive program files. It says save click okay and you will then have a saving box that shows you little blue bars going across to show you how much time is left make sure you don't have the close this box when download is complete ticked. When the download is complete it will ask you if you want to open or open folder.....click on open, It will come up with a installer program window. If you don't want it to be a screen saver then take the tick off that box. Hit the accept button after you have read the terms. It will show it is decompressing in red and the percentage is up to once that is done you should get a window up showing you the files. Click on the Mopy fish program and then wallah!!! you should have a fish on your screen swimming around. You can read all about looking after him or her by clicking on the shell. Happy Mopying Buddy Mate. Perhaps you should call him Steve.

Now just remember ...... DON’T breed Mopy Fish just for your own fun and entertainment without thinking about it fully as there are enough unwanted pets in this world and if you don't look after them Mopy will most likely eat them. :tounge2:
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Thank you so much, my esteemed friend. I will certainly take your opinion into consideration. (What do you think they eat in nature, vegemite?)
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I had to edit my list...I forgot a couple!!! Like reality tv shows and chinese food!
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Here is my list of obsessions:

Seeing the Southern Cross for the First Time
Playing Spades Until Daylight
Sunrises in the Caribbean
Kittens at Christmas, "Making a Bed"
The First Snowfall
Great Filet Mignon
Sailing in the South Pacific
Sewing on My New Machine
Creamed Potatoes
Music in all Forms, Country, Rock, Classical, Techno
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cats (in general
my cats
books (especially fantasy/sci-fi)
Mercedes Lackey (author)
Anne McCaffrey (author)
reality tv
the cat site -as you can tell by my many posts!
My niece Isabella
music - all kinds
aminals in general
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My obsessions tend to change from time to time...there are the all time classics, and then sometimes I develop and "immediate" obsession that may last for a while and then diminish. I am not going to say my family and friends...because they are not obsessions of mine...they are people who are important in my life. Obsessions to me are things that you are fascinated by, spend alot of time doing, want to learn more about, and can't wait to do again! Currently they are:

NASCAR (Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson) I might add that Jeff won the race yesterday and Jimmie took over the points lead yesterday!
Woohoo!!! Jeffie and Jimmie...and that's kickin' your azz!

Mike (my gorgeous blonde-haired, blue-eyed man!)
Jedi (my furry, adorable, living, breathing obsession)
Decorating (country primitives)
Craft Shows
Crafting (some stuff I buy, some stuff I like to make)
Reading (Dean Koontz, John Saul, Stephen King, true crime, serial killers...I know I am a sick person!)
Documentaries on murder, serial killers, mysteries, etc)
Bowling (yes I actually do bowl in a league!)
Sopranos (one of the immediate obsessions I mentioned)
TV shows (Friends, Will & Grace, ER, 24, Ed, Frasier, Just Shoot Me, Law & Order CI, That 70's Show) I may have forgotten a few...
My website
Playing card games (cribbage is my FAVE!)Any cribbage fans out there? There are some awesome online games!

Guess that's about it...may be a new obsession next week!
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Thought I really do have to add my lastest obsession. One I am sure you are all only too familier with LOL

Taking pictures of my kittens!
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Yes, we've created a picture taking monster!! We're very glad we did, too!
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My obsessions...

The Cat Site
Animal Precinct (on Animal Planet)
Finishing my scrapbook
Reality TV shows
Carmel Frappuccinos from Starbucks
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Carla, I'm a cribbage player. My cribbage board is pining away in a drawer, though. My father (from England--I guess that's the difference) taught me, and I've met only a few players in my life. It just isn't as well known here, I guess.
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Nick - I love him with all my heart
Cooper -
Skooter - :chicken:
The Cat Site
Sleeping -
shopping -
TV shows - VARIOUS (okay okay.... too many)
Diet Pepsi
Wednesday Night Craft Class
Planning My Upcoming Wedding -
Candles -
Walking -
Hockey -
Christmas -
Cheese Pizza
Many More.... but I gotta get back to work!
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Don't worry about being sick for the kinds of books you like. I am obsessed with three categories-horror, true crime and true ghost stories (oh, and horror/romance and fantasy/romance-Laurell K. Hamilton rules). I'll probably scare any man away if let him see my book collection.

More obsessions:
FINALLY seeing the band Brother live and in concert
Men in kilts
Naming every pigeon I feed (Poopy feet, Gimpy, My favorite, Viteligo, Big Nasty...)
All things Halloween (I'm going to the Mansfield Reformatory, which has 2 haunted houses, within the next few weekends)
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Originally posted by okeefecl
Men in kilts
LOL, hoping for a peek!?
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LOL, hoping for a peek!?
No, I'm just impressed with men who are sure enough in their masculinity to wear a skirt....Oh, you're right, I'm hoping for a peek!

I am also obsessed with men with scottish accents. There is a company, called Gaelsong, which sells celtic and gaelic themed items. At one time, the man who answered the phone had the sexiest accent. My friends wanted me to call up and ask him in a sultry voice "Hey, sexy, talk dirty to me".
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I have to say, I like a man in a skirt, too. I was in the goth scene for quite a while, and some of the sexiest men wore skirts. Most of them were straight, too! You're right, Christy. There is something about a man comfortable enough with his masculinity to pull off wearing a skirt - kilt or otherwise.

I hear you about scaring men off with the book collection. I have a ton of vampire books, maybe 1/4 is fiction. I was amazed at how many killer books I have too. I packed up one full legal paper box of paperbacks, and kept finding more! Good thing hubby is understanding about my strange reading.
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valanhb & okeefecl:
I sent you a PM with a link to a great site....."A Wee Peek"

If anyone else would like it, let me know
(It's a risque to post with minors around!)
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Well, that answered THAT question!!! :LOL: :LOL: (Great link, but definitely for the adults in the crowd!)
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Ooh my, this list could go on forever.....

Creed (the group)
Learning how to build a Website
Brothers wedding
Reality TV
New Car

I'm sure there's tons more I can add. LOL
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Jeanie - I also love cribbage, played it all the time growing up.
Christy - I also love men in kilts - hubby is a Scot.
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You may all envy me now! My mother and siblings were born in Scotland, so we attended every Scottish event around. Yep, they look great. I wish I could afford to buy some kilts for the little ones, but they're really expensive. Just daydreaming here..Sean Connery, older, but great in a kilt, Mel Gibson, also born to wear one, Tom Cruise would look good, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt.... I can't think of any men who wouldn't look great! Well, maybe not----Nope, can't think of a man who wouldn't look better. It's probably best to keep Heidi away from parades with pipe and drum corps; she might not be able to control herself.....Dinna gie them a wie peek, bairn!
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You may all envy me now! My mother and siblings were born in Scotland, so we attended every Scottish event around. Yep, they look great.
Where do you think I got my obsession from? I can blame it all on my friend Missy. She took me to my first Scottish Games, and I was lost. She invited me to go to the big gathering over Labor Day in New York, but I couldn't make it.

Quick kilt related story-Missy's father carves wooden figurines as a hobby. He was trying to make one of each member of a pipe band. The only one he hadn't done was the drum major, because he didn't have a picture of the back of a drum major's traditional costume. So, at the Games in Ligonier PA I spent most of the day following a drum major around. 1/2 of the pictures of one roll of film were of this man, from all angles. He must have thought I was stalking him.
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Christy! That's where we go to the Highland Games! Idlewild Park in Ligonier. It's about 30 miles from here. Kennywood, a large amusement park used to have Scotch picnic day, but no more. No, that wasn't a misspelling. My mother, from Glasgow, said Scotch, not Scottish. My kids and I still go to the games, not every year, but fairly often. My sister died, so I had a piper at the funeral, and my little granddaughter has a set of pipes. I'd like to see her get into the traditional dancing. I wish I could treat to the lessons.
If you decide to go to the Games next year, let me know. If I'm well, I'll get my kids to go along and we'll meet you. The only problem is that, with all the practicing, there's "Scotland the Brave" in one ear and "Amazing Grace" in the other, and it becomes a cacophony!
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Ahhh, Ligonier Boy, do I have fond memories of those games. Missy had been there once, and remembered that it wasn't too far from Cleveland. Wrong. I think it was around 3 hours away. That's where our road trip tradition of taking our picture in front of Cracker Barrel started.

I think most people would classify any bagpipe music as a cacophony! I love it, however. Missy is taking lessons, and plans on joining a local pipe band soon. I've offered to be their drummer, because I love the mallets they spin in the air.

I'll keep Ligonier in mind for next year

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Okay...here's mine.

Friday night magazine night (I go every week and faithfully buy the Enquirer, Star, People magazine and Soap Opera Digest--- I love reading all this 'junk'. It's easy, relaxing, no-brain, non-thinking reading. I'm addicted )
My children and hubby
Corn Puffs
Diet Coke
My home (constantly decorating or re-doing rooms)
The gym
Losing weight (obsessing about this for years now...)
My job
My friends
Writing (journal)
Heating pad (I roll it up and place it on my neck every night)
My nails
My teeth
My hair (I have fine hair and have been obsessed with finding ways to make it thicker)
Eating...(goes hand in hand with the weight problem)

I can't think of anything else right now.

By the way....I live right by Maxville, Ontario. Home of the Highland Games. Every August we have mass bands and literally thousands of men in kilts. Care to come for a visit anyone???
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By the way....I live right by Maxville, Ontario. Home of the Highland Games. Every August we have mass bands and literally thousands of men in kilts. Care to come for a visit anyone???
Ghyslaine (I hope I spelled that right!),

Hmm, I'll have to add it to my Games/Gathering planner....

Why do I feel this has turned into a Scottish/kilt thread?

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Leslie - you leave them alone for a few minutes, and look what happens! Ladies, Please! LOL!

Men in Quilts? Guess I never gave it much thought. I certainly enjoy watching Scots in a parade or service, and I do love bagpipes. Don't know that I'd buy a CD or anything but....

My mom's dad's side of the family is Scotch (Tait). But they've been settled in the States since Penn opened his first colony ("Penn's Woods," otherwise known as Pennsylvania). Must've lost touch with the Scottish roots....

Have fun gals!
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Hey Leslie, by the band Live, you mean Throwing COpper, Lightning Crashes, I Alone. That Live? I just found out that they live in my town. I thought they lived about 40 minutes away, but they live about 15 minutes from me. Well, the guitarist and singer.

Apparently, one of them hangs out at this little bar where a good friend of mine bartends. So if you're ever in the neighborhood, we'll go track them down.

I like their music, but I'm not obsessive or anything. Obviously, or I would have known they live so close. Now if it were Bono, I am sure I would be more informed. Of course I couldn't hang out by his house a lot, because of his wife and kids, but it would be tempting.
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Originally posted by LDG
Leslie - you leave them alone for a few minutes, and look what happens! Ladies, Please! LOL!

Men in Quilts? Guess I never gave it much thought.
Hey I have a man in a quilt in the bedroom as we speak!!! :laughing:

(my grandmas quilt that is )
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OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! What has this thread turned into???? I'm going to have to start another one called ' Men and what we are obsessed with about them!'

Geez I dunno what to do with you naughty gals.

I must agree though hehehehehehe!!! My love of all things Scotish (Men only) began when a girlfriend and I went out to a disco/club one night and met this cute guy, this was his way of introducing himself. (Please insert broad scottish accent)

"Ello Prrrreetty garls, My name is Phettar Scheilds as in, I weel proootect eu or I weel stand in frount of eu and get batterrred by stounes." We just melted and I said "okay........take me I'm yours" LOL. Needless to say I have been in love with the accent ever since. Hmmmmm I hope Peter doesn't get to read this post hehehehe!

Brenda Yes that band......I can't believe you live so close to them oh my god!!!! Ummmm I am flying over tomorrow, do you mind meeting me at the airport??? Now as a team I'll help you with Bono and you help me with Ed okay??? *sigh* Now if you tell me you live near Keanu Reeves and Vin Diesel I am definitely gonna die!!!!!

Debby I am shocked!!! Oh ahem!.... you mean that kind of quilt I see hmmmmm!

okeefecl We will all be visiting you heheheheh! :tounge2:
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