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Well since Zoe and the new kitty have been getting along now quite well. Im starting to think that Zoe is depressed, she doesnt want to play be held or anything she is eating though. Any ideas on how to snap her out of this? We have given her extra special love since we have another cat, but its not helping.
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You may be right. Some cats eat even excessively when depressed, low appetite is a more common side effect with physical ailments. Some cats truly prefer to be the only cat, often pet, in the home and will show depression in different ways or take a new pet introduction negatively, as if they weren't enough or they are being punished for something.
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....the only thing I would add is.... this depression often does go away with time. For at least one person on this site, it took about a year - but now the cats are best friends and everybody's happy. Just keep giving her extra love and treats - and alone play time. Don't force pets or cuddles on her. See what happens when you take her into a separate room and play with her so the newby can't take over the game. If she's into this, do this at least once a day for at least 10 minutes. Wand toys are great for this extra, alone play time - unless she's got some favorite game. Our cats all love the red dot. And you can let them "win" the red dot game by putting treats under a cloth and letting the red dot game end there....

Most importantly, give it time.

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