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Seal Cam!

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I've seen live streaming Africa cams, hummingbirds, etc, but now National Geographic has a Seal Cam!


It's adorable!
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There's so many! I love these live cams. It gives us a chance to see thing's we might never get to see, and you definately can't see through just a picture.
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They are adorable!
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..so amazing!! and beautiful!...thanks for share!
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Oh how neat! There are just tons of them there!
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What is that big one trying to do ??
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Awwwwwwwww look at the baby seals nursing ..................
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brill, wildlife is such a special thing to observe, even through a web-cam

I love web-cams too.............but theres some weird ones out there, like one that is just focused on a water cooller in an office what & why
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