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The Decision

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While I feel sad concerning the passing of Simon, I remember him with hapiness and joy with every passing hour. However, there still remains a big decision to make. Should we ever adopt a new cat,so that our apartment is not so quiet and lifeless, or would that just insult the memory of Simon?Our family feels that a new cat would make us happier and ease the death of our friend. Althought it could make us even more miserable in more than one way...
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You need to do what ever your heart is telling you to do, if you and your family want another cat, then I say go get one. It is not insulting Simons memory at all.

We had to put our cat to sleep several years ago, and then my dog got sick and I had to take care of him for a couple of years.

When we put Sambo to sleep, we still had another dog.

I have not got another dog yet, because I am just not ready for another dog.
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RIP Simon. It is in no way an insult to get a new cat, in one way it is a wonderful tribute to the love you gave him, and he would want that love to be shared by others.
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I agree with everything booktigger said, also . I recall a member posting that when his/her cat crossed the bridge it meant that another homeless cat would soon have a home to call its own. I find that to be a very comforting thought. Hope this helps.
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Back in the days when I had fewer cats I always set out to adopt a new kitty when one passed on. As the others have said, I felt it honored their memory to give another cat a chance at a good life. When Old Tiger passed away, I named the new cat Cubby in his honor. (as in tiger cub)

I tend to dwell on the losses I suffer, and while I never want to forget my rainbow friends, I know that's not really healthy for a person. A new kitty in the house did always ease the pain a bit for me.

I'm sorry about Simon.
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I also agree with the comments already made. You will know when you are ready and Simon would never be insulted
A new kitty would certainly lift your spirits and of course, you would have given a warm & loving home to another cat You obviously have some wonderful memories of Simon and in time those memories will make you smile again, but by having another kitty I am sure you will smiling soon
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You have to do what's in your heart, and you'll know when you're ready. When you adopt a new cat, it's never a replacement for the one that you lost. Each cat is unique and special in it's own way! Simon would want you to be happy and to remember him with love, and when you are ready to share your heart with another cat, he'll understand and be happy for you!
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Thank you for your advice. I will inform you when we adopt a new cat. You are all right. A new cat would certainly make us feel better and lift our spirits. At least, that's how I feel.
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Originally Posted by Van View Post
Thank you for your advice. I will inform you when we adopt a new cat. You are all right. A new cat would certainly make us feel better and lift our spirits. At least, that's how I feel.
Everyone is completely right, u still have ur memories and in no way at all is it insulting to simon, I think he would want u guys to go and get a new kittie and to share the love that he had recieved and he would also want someone else to also love you guys the same way he did, he would understand, and I am glad that u guys are considering adopting a new kittie, keep us updated, and I hope everyone is doing ok now R.I.P. Simon
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I have been searching for a poem I found ages ago, and have just found it again - sums it up better than I did the other day - you might want a tissue handy though!!

Last Will and Testament of a Cat

I too, would make a will
if I could write
To some poor wistful, lonely
stray I leave my happy home.
My dish, my cosy bed
my cushioned chair, my toy.
The well loved lap
The gently stroking hand
The loving voice
The place I made in someone's heart
The love, that at the last
Could help me to a peaceful,
painless end
Held in loving arms
If I should die
Oh, do not say
"No more a pet I'll have
To grieve me by its loss"
Seek out a lonely, unloved cat
And give my place to him.
This is my legacy
the love I leave behind
Tis all I have to give

Margaret Trowton
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That was a beautiful poem. Thank you.
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Your welcome, and I hope it brings some comfort to you.
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I can't read that poem because it always makes me cry. When my Smokey was sick, I told myself I'd never get another cat. Well I could only wait a week after her death & then I adopted 2. I'm now at 4 (that's it until I have a bigger place). I look at it as honoring her memory, she was a wonderful cat & the loss of her left a huge hole in my heart that nothing but another kitty could begin to fill. I will always miss her, but in her honor I gave a wonderful home to 4 homeless babies. You will still miss your kitty, but there is nothing wrong with getting another one when your ready.
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I Agree that it is sad, it was hard typing it!! I do believe it is honouring their memory to help another needy cat though.
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I'm right there with you, Van. My Garfield has been gone for 9 days and I'm trying to figure out "when" or even "if".

Hang in there.
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Beautiful poem, I enjoyed it and will likely pass it along to friends.
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Beautiful poem.

I agree with what everyone else has said. I adopted two abandoned barn kittens that someone had found and as fostering. My Rainbow Kitty occupies a special place in my heart that can never be filled by anyone else and over time the kittens have found their place in my heart. Simon would want you to be happy.
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