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Bengal behavior with our dogs....

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We have a 7 month old Bengal that we have had for about a month and a half. We started about a week after we got her taking our dogs into the room where she was and letting them sniff each other --- she was always higher up then they were. She would hiss and raise her paw but never got mean.

Well, over the past 2-3 weeks they have been running the house together. She uses our bedroom as her 'safe' place.

This is where I need your help --- this is the first cat my husband and I have ever owned. They are totally different than dogs.

We have started letting them out together and they are making progress. She will sit on the coffee table and or course watches every move they make, but she will not hesitate to jump down on the floor right in the middle of them --- so she isn't scared of them. When sitting on the coffee table she will allow them to sniff her/lick her and if she feels they are getting too pushy she will swat at them and they back off.

Every so often one of the dogs will chase her and they will usually lap the house twice and then she will run to our bedroom and jump on the bed. When they chase her it isn't aggressive it more along the lines of why won't you play with me. Do I need to stop this from happening or let her take care of herself? She seems to have no problems letting them know when to stop if they are sniffing her someplace she don't like or getting to close for comfort.

How long does it usually take for a new cat to take to the animals already in the house?

Thanks for helping me out!

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Well according to most shelters up to six to eight weeks for intial and then a few months for a complete adjustment ...

I personally say up to a yr ....
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I think it depends greatly on the personalities of the pets. We got our second cat over 1.5 years ago and she still doesn't like our other cat much. They've finally started to play chase each other but it almost always ends up with her hissing and batting at him. Just keep a close eye on her, if your Bengal starts to appear stressed around the dogs, keep them on a leash or near you so they can't chase her. I know other cats and dogs that like to play like this so it may develop into that. It sounds like your Bengal's pretty good at letting them know when she's had enough, and it's really good that she has a safe zone.
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Just IMHO as I'm not an expert but just owner of 6+3. Sounds like your cat is doing well already so I would let kitty to have enough safe places like table, counters, bed, and let her sort the thigs with dogs out. A;l my kittens usually come into our house as a tiny babies, so they become best buddies with dogs without any problems. But our last addition Alice arrived when she was 19 mo old cat so already adult, an it took her a week in cage to get adjusted to dogs sniffing her, then she was shy with them outside for another week and now, 6 mo later she feel completely comfortable to hiss on them without any problems so cats can protect themselves great if only they have hiding places to jump up, non reachable for dogs.
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We own a lab who loves cats. Our youngest, Charlie is 5 months old (ocicat) and he can hold his own. The other cat is 2 yrs old and she's fine. They both know the hiding places (under the couch) if Keno gets too rambuncious for them - but they do play together - we've even seen Charlie "attack" Keno if given the chance.

Your bengal should be fine with your dogs (what kind are they?) BTW took Charlie and Keno about 2 days to become friends
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Ashley, I think you are doing just fine with the way you are handling it now. If she lets them know when enough is enough and they listen then they should be fine. Just keep an eye on the dogs behavior. Also make sure your Bengal has high places to jump to escape the dogs. Maybe a high cat tree.

We have a new Bengal as well and he loves to wrestle with our older smaller dog Tails and he doesn't mind the bigger dogs but he will let them know when he has had enough. I just mainly make sure the big dogs behave and don't get too aggressive.

Good Luck!
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I have baby gates across the kitchen and hallway doors. My boys do not like dogs and this gives them "safe places", to keep from being slobbered on. The dogs would never HURT Opie or Buddy but, they DO want to play with them.

Miss Rowdy, on the other hand, thinks that dogs are large interactive cat toys. She runs and wrestles with Ike and Pearl. When she's had enough, she jumps the gates.

The gates also keep the dogs out of the garbage and litter boxes.
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