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HARLIQIUN My New Betta(siamese fighter fish)

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Harliquin was a present from my Bf after Buster my Goldfish died. I seemed to have had Buster Forever. Not sure how long. Years and years.

Harliquin is a Fish with lots of attitude.
He doesn't like the colour orange or my camera. He flares up bigtime.
I have had him about a week now.
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Ohhh he's so pretty! I love those long, feathery fins.
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He's gorgeous! Are you gonna replace the plastic plant with a silk one? The reason why I ask is because bettas can easily tear their fins on plastic.
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What a beautiful Betta!!!!
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Very nice - and I agree - his fins are way too pretty to be damaged by a hard plastic plant. Maybe just take the plant out? Or put in a very smooth large rock?
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Absolutely gorgeous!!
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I didn't think about the plastic plant. Thanks for mentioning it. I took it out as soon as i read your reply Quill_luv.
I sometimes find myself just staring at him swimming about, watching his beautiful fins flowing in the water.
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That's a beautiful fish! And a very nice picture (I know how hard it can be to take pictures of fish!)

I really miss having a betta. Unfortunately my apartment gets way too cold in the winter
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Thankyou. I take and delete so many photo's.
When I find my camera I'll attempt some more. I'll post more pics then.
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He's beautiful congrats!
I even put real plants in with my bettas, helps with the water conditions too
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Heres a clearer photo that i took yesterday. Same spot, No plant.

Harliquin in all his Glory.....
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He is gorgeous. He looks a lot like my betta Secret... He died yesterday
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He's gorgeous betta!
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So pretty!!
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beautiful betta! i don't have much luck with bettas. i have had white clouds in my little tank since my betta died. i think our place is just too cold for bettas.
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