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feeding time.

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At the moment jinxy and corky get some adult wet food in the morning and at night. Unfortuantly Jinxy will not touch the kitten wet food as I have been unable to find any kitten food which comes in gravy.

They are also free fed dry food during the day. As they eat from each others bowls I have used a mix of adult and kitten dry food. As I want to make sure that Jinxy gets the extra nutrition and Corky doesn't get overweight.

The probem is jinxy is still a very small cat, she has a normal appetite and has lots of energy, but I was just concerned that the way I am feeding them may be wrong?

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We don't have cats of different ages, so you'll have to wait to hear from someone like that.

But we have the same problem with the wet food. One kitty only likes the gravy. We discussed it with the Vet. We leave dry (kitten) food out all day. I do know it has more protein and is richer than adult food, so if your adult is overweight, eating kitten food won't help him lose weight!

So, we feed wet food twice a day. We feed them adult food with gravy. Twice a week I incorporate Science Diet kitten food. It doesn't have gravy but is very wet, so they eat some of it.

Because you are free-feeding them dry food, that should be the principal source of nutrition, and the wet food is essentially a treat.

How to get them to eat only THEIR food is a mystery to me. Others should know.

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