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Kitten Names

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Well, my aunt knows these people who know these people who own an animal shelter. We have connections. Point is, there is a ton of kittens for this time of year, which is odd. So I am getting one. None of them have names yet and I need to think of a clever one. So guess who gets to help me? You.

Here are some of my ideas so far:

1. Clementine
2. Neville
3. Theodore
4. Jullian
6. Morris
7. Keeble

1. Antoinette
2. Carmandie
3. Nicolette
4. Sheridan [haha get it Nicolette Sheriden.]
5. Heatherette
6. Maui

I like pretty, unique, "wow i've never heard that before" names.
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Congratulations! For a boy I like Jullian and Theodore. For a girl I like Heatherette and Maui. Good luck!
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I think my favorites are Neville & Carmandie. Of course, usually the kitten will help inpier you as well. When I got wickett I looked through a baby names book and picked one that I liked, was unique and it's meaning fit him. Except it was a girls name and well, he's a boy so I had to change it and Wickett is what my boyfriend came up with cuz he looks a little like a fuzzy ewok.

Anyway, point is you may have the "perfect" name picked and it could change for some reason. Do you know what kitten your getting yet?
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My favourite names - Malay first, translation in brackets:


Putera (Prince)
Wira (Warrior)
Agung (Exalted King)
Teruna (Bachelor) - really good for neutered males!!!!


Puteri (Princess)
Dayang (Lady in waiting)
Permaisuri (Queen)
Dara (Virgin) - especially good for spayed females!!!

How to pronounce? Phonetically, of course!
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Neville is cute.
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I fully agree that it's a bit hard to pick out names before you meet the little one. Here are some other names I considered for my kittens before I settled on Pekoe and Nigel.

Nutmeg (you could call her Meg for short)

Oh my, there were so many, and these are all I can remember now!
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