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PS. Debby, we will not divulge the secret of how the cow got up the tree except to say it involved a lot of lifting by Bundy And Kum.

Cow for Richard Cranium - Quid Pro Quo Clarice...
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Ah Geez mate!!!!!! I thought you'd gone walk about!!!

Hey Mate Re: Kumbulu is feeling a little 'gay' at the moment I don't mean to be rude cobber but are you refering to being high as a kite, happy as a lark or as camp as a boy scout?
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Quid pro quo, eh? But I don't need a cow in the tree. I was willing to share Steve, however. I guess you're not well enought to go cow tipping or snipe hunting then. By the way, gay is a perfectly good word, but has taken on a different meaning in the States. Therefore, most people don't use it to mean whoozy or happy. It has to do with sexual preference, which I don't think you intended.
NOW, back to our hike in the woods! I aimed high, so you should be OK!

Bundy Lee, What's wrong with talking to fairies in the flowers? That's where they live. Some people see their wings covered with sparkles, as they are, and think they're seeing petals with dew, but those of us who believe know better. My mother could see fairies, so I know they're in the flowers. When I hurry to look, they hide, though....I wish they wouldn't. They used to put candy under my pillow when I was sleeping only because I'd been good.
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Okay Jeanie LOL are you on the same medication as me mate Tania????
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No, I'm fine. I'm not the one lifting cows into trees!
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I found a recipe on Usenet for vegemite... Not sure if it's the same or not...


... submitted by NoRoosinAustria-food.chat
from Austria

Hello people. I found a recipe for Vegemite in an AUSTRIAN cookbook, oddly.

I don't know how close to form this turns out, and I'm not entirely sure I
translated the German right. One way to find out, I guess. You'll have to adjust
for metric, and I found fresh yeast in little cubes here next to cheese, but I'm
not sure I've ever seen it in the States!

2 small onions
2 Tablespoons butter
2 Tablespoons dried bread crumbs
60 g fresh yeast
1/4 Liter milk
1/2 Tablespoon Majoram (a spice)

Dice the onion finely, fry in butter.
Stir in yeast and breadcumbs, cook until yeast begins to brown.
Add milk, stir, and allow mixture to boil, then remove from heat.
Crumble and add Majoram.

Remember, Vegemite is to be spread THINLY on bread, it has a rather, shall we
say, DISTINCTIVE flavor.
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Dear Marcy, I can't tell you how much I appreciate this recipe. I will lock it up in a very safe place! I can't believe you found it in an Austrian cookbook. Seriously, it does satisfy my curiosity, not that I doubted my dear friend Bundy for a minute!!
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Actually, I found it in rec.food.recipes newsgroup but you are most welcome! I may actually venture to try it someday myself
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