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Is Boston a laughing stock?

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For some reason, this just struck me funny.
Click on the link, then click on the "Mocking the Press in Boston"

The video clip is priceless, or maybe I am just twisted.

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Maybe, just slightly, I could understand wondering about those um... characters. But then again, they look like pixel-y cartoon characters to me! It's ridiculous the marketing team members got arrested... I'd be smirking too if I were them.
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I don't think they're a laughingstock. But the more pictures of the things I see, the less and less they look anything like anything threatening.

I also don't think the advertisers should be charged with anything. They didn't place a hoax device. It was meant to be an ad, not a prank.
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They use 9/11 as an excuse far too much these days. What a hysterical over-reaction! If it wasn't so stupid I'd be laughing at about it too.
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I especially liked the video clip from the Seattle police spokesman who said they found one and brought it to put up in their office, until they realized that it was flippin' a bird. And they pixeled out the obscene gesture.

I'm almost more disturbed by the idea that Boston's not just going to drop this and continue to attempt to prosecute the guys. It's probably going to cost them a fair amount of money and not get them anywhere since they have to prove malicious intent to scare with a terror hoax device and they know it was a silly publicity stunt. The judge in one of the clips even said something to that effect.

As mentioned in another thread...I can't believe people didn't just look at these and wonder, "What's up with the Space Invaders? Are they making a XBOX 360 version?" You don't automatically have to think Aqua Teen Hunger Force, or even be well versed in cartoons.
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[quote=ErinandSeamus;1566295"What's up with the Space Invaders? .[/quote]

That was my first thought when i saw it also, was its a space invader. I am shocked that gamers were not stealing them.
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The mooninites are meant to look like Space Invader -esque Donkey-Kong era video game type things. They even have laser guns that shoot out brown squares that move about an inch a minute, have a spaceship that looks like a bunch of pixels, etc. So it wouldn't be too weird for people to mistake them for such. Kinda like the episode of Futurama with the what-if machine where Fry has to actually play something that looks like Space Invader to save the world.

Anyway, the thing (what's his name, Ingnignok?) should be recognizable to people as some sort of character at least... I mean, it wasn't a billboard that said "Die America" or something.

Did anybody here actually see any of these things in person?
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Originally Posted by Zissou'sMom View Post
Did anybody here actually see any of these things in person?
Yes, and honestly they look like silly little pieces of street art or something. They're actualy pretty small. There was one on the train platform by FH's...our first reaction was "Wow...someone hooked a lite brite up to the train station! Cool!" because of course we're unhip and don't watch adult swim.

I believe they have all been taken down here as well.
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they looked like light brite things to me lol
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I think they are prosecuting because they are so dang embarassed.

Oh my gosh, you are right it DOES look like a lite brite.
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