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Tiny little new arrivals

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Well, the vet rang this morning to say that he had some kittens for me! Woo hoo! But I was soooo cross when I heard their story. Mum cat had the 4 kittens yesterday and the owner decided to take the kittens to the vet to be euthanised!!! Can you believe that??? What's with this woman??? So they told her they had a carer who would look after them and they certainly WOULDN'T be euthanising them. They are perfectly healthy, mum was doing fine with them but this b*tch just took them away from their mum. Poor mumcat. She's probably calling and calling for them.

There's a black boy, a cream boy, a black girl and a cream girl. They absolutely LOVE the snuggle-kitty and are sleeping peacefully on it at the moment. Again, I apologise for the poor quality of the pics, taken with a very small web-cam.

First one is the furbabies with snuggle-kitty.
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The mob...
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One of the creams up close.
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One of the blackies up close.
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A fuzzy one of the mob.

I'll post more individual pics when they wake up for their next feed.
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Those kittens are absolutely adorable! Even with my two babies, I really want more kittens too. Just have to talk my boyfriend into it.
As for that b****, it is absolutely sickening. It's very similar to what happened to our kittens, the gal didn't want any more cats around. The guy who took them to his friend had to take them away from their mother at 1 week. I'm glad he did, because the gal would probably have drowned them. No kind, quick euthanasia here. *Grrrr* It makes me sick. I've had to put pets down myself before (grew up on a rural farm) but only when they were extremely ill and suffering. To harm a poor kitten. There's a special place in hell for people like that. *end rant*
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Does that mean I don't have to hide mine anymore???:tounge2: Bring em over and they can all play together hehehehe!!!!

I posted more pic too Maaaaaaaaatttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Doing a good job there oh grand God Mother!!! :tounge2:
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Awww they are so cute, with all these kittens around I am getting broody.

I can't beleive what that womand did I hope that the vet gave her a piece of his mind and told her to bring the mum cat in to be spayed.

I shall look forward to seeing the next installment of pictures
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OMG! How could someone want to do that to such cute babies?!
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The woman who owns the mother cat really does sound like she's a b*tch. If she didn't want her cat getting pregnant she should have done the responsible thing and had her spayed. I hope these poor babies will be able to make it after being taken away from their mom so soon.
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Heres more! Hey, quit drooling!!

The black boy making a run for it. I had trouble getting pics of the black ones, they kept looking like furry blobs.
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The black boy again...
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Last one of black boy in the torchlight.
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The black girl refusing to look at the camera...
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blurry black girl.
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Now the cream babies came out much better...the cream boy...
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cream boy...
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Last one of cream boy.
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The last munchkin, the cream girl...
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and more...
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Last one of cream girl.

And the poor quality is not due to the incompetence of the operator. The little furbabies were crawling all over the place, looking for their snuggle-kitty!
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Tania...they are absolutely precious!

I cannot believe that this woman would choose to euthanise those porr babies. What was she thinking? At the very least, take them to someone who might be able to find homes for them, since she obviously has no regard for life herself.

Wonder what she would do if she accidentally became pregnant herself???
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Hopefully take the baby to a vet!!
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Tania, you are an absolute angel for taking these little kittens under your wing and caring for them! Caring for babies that small without their moma is not easy....you are to be commended!!

They are sooooo cute!!!! I can't believe how heartless people are!!!! That is horrible that this woman wanted these poor kittens killed!! I feel sorry for their mom. Is there any way at all you could get her number from the place you got the kittens or else have them call her and ask if she would like to get rid of the moma too? Because then you could take the moma in and put her back with her kittens, and also have her fixed. And this woman doesn't sound like the type who would be too attached to her cat anyway...she might welcome the chance to get rid of it!

Maybe if they (or you) told her that you had taken the kittens and just wondered if she would be interested in also giving you the moma. I bet she would still nurse them...it's worth a shot!!!!
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Thanks Debby, that's a good idea. I'll ring the vet tomorrow and ask about the mumcat. It's just so hard when they're so small. I'm doing my best though. I'll keep you all posted...
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Keeping fingers crossed that you will get the mom cat, too!! She would be so happy to be reunited with her babies!!! I hope she would still nurse them, I think it depends on the cat...I have seen cats that would nurse not only their own, but other cats kittens as well.
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G'day everyone.

Apologies for the lack of posts in the last couple of days, as well as the munchkins, I've had a raging middle ear infection - owieowieowie. Well! The little ones are doing very well. They're loving the snugglekitty, drinking their formula, keeping warm on their heatpad, putting on weight and going to the toilet when stimulated. The only thing is, according the the lady that brought them in, they were 2 days old on Saturday. That would make them four days old today but they still all have their umbilical stumps attached. From my research, they usually fall between day two and day four. So I suspect this lady lied and may have taken the kits on the day they were born!!

Debby, I contacted the vet but this lady had left a false address and number, so there was no way of contacting her.

They are soooo beautiful, I hope they all make it.
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Tania, you are doing a wonderful job!! And the babies are GORGEOUS!!!! Its a shame about the Mum, but at least you've done all you can... what a cow to do something like that to such young babies!!! (or ANY babies for that matter!!)

Coincedentally, thats is how we got Pip our DSH tabby, he and his littermates (about 5 I think) were taken to be put down at the vets at just a few days old, a lady fostered them and we adopted Pip at about 6 weeks old - the good that comes out of this though is that being hand reared from such and early age, usually makes them EXCEPTIONALLY friendly!!

All the best with the babes!!
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Thankyou for your kind words. Well, a quick update. The black male has lost his umbilical cord and the rest are on the verge of falling off. I know, small things...
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Ah Mate the joy of an umbilical cord falling off! and even better is little poopies wouldn't you say?
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