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My furbabies

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Here are my babies, Taffey, Blackie, Whitey and PeeDee. I hope I did this the right.
Taffey is the orange tabby, PeeDee is the Ragdoll. Blackie and Whitey are, of course the black one and the white one.
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Wow Taffey and PeeDee both have amazing eyes!!!!!

And I love the photo of Whitey basking in the sun! And Blackie is gorgeous too - I LOVE black cats!

Thanks for sharing! We look forward to more kitties

You can sign up for and upload your photos for free there, then post those links here - that makes the photos show up in the thread itself and is probably easier to put on here as well
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They are all beautiful fur babies
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Thank you for your interest in my babies. I love them so much. They each have their special and unique personalities.

Thanks for the infor on the photos. As you can see, I'm new at this.
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They are so cute!
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Ohh!!! A new white kitty to the forum!! YAY!!! They're all gorgeous, although Whitey is the prettiest!
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Aw they are all so gorgeous!!!
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such cuties more please they are sooo cute and gorgeous, i cant wait to see more photos SO GORGEOUS
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They are all beautiful, but your ragdoll.... those eyes are amazing!!!
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aww, you have some peaches there love the one of Whitey on the radiator lounger, wow - that fluffy tail
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They are so cute beautiful
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Very pretty cats
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Thanks for allowing me to share my babies with you. May I ask where I get info to put their photos in the posts like most of you have done. I've tried to figure it out but to no avail.
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your furbabies are adorable! I am in love with PeeDee.
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