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A request for vibes

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I was supposed to have a tooth pulled tomorrow (it's really been bothering me), but due to circumstances beyond my control, it's been pushed back to Feb 14th. That might not sound that long from now, but when you have a tooth that's hurting you, it seems like forever. I'm on antibiotics and vicodin, and it's not hurting me right at the moment *knock on wood*, but I'm just asking for vibes to get me thru to the 14th without it starting to hurt really badly. I know it's small in the grand scheme of things - I've been reading threads and some people on here have been going through a lot :/ It's just that you all came through on this for me once before - a few months ago I asked for vibes to get me thru to a dental appointment, and it seemed to work. I really do believe in the power of a bunch of people thinking positive thoughts for you. So yeah, if you could spare a few vibes, I'd really appreciate it.
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Sending prayers and hugs from Mississippi that you have no pain until you see the dentist.

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I'll definately send you {{{{{{{{pain-free}}}}}} vibes! Dealing with tooth pain for any amount of time is terrible! I hope things go well until your appointment.
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Dental pain is awful. Sending lots of good thoughts in your direction...

Hilda >^..^<
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Small things are important too.

Take care of yourself - and good vibes that it all goes well and that you remain pain free while you're waiting.
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thank you all <3
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Oh I know how bad that is...sending no pain vibes to you!!
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Positive thoughts can have a positive impact!

Sending many no pain vibes to you. Tooth pain can be horrible so it is not a minimal thing. I hope you continue to be pain free.
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There's nothing quite like a sore tooth, is there? OUCH!!! I'm hoping you can hang in there until the 14th...that will seem like quite a while. Keep taking those pain killers, and take care of yourself!
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Sending lots of vibes that you make it through!
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Having found out myself that I do have a small fracture in a molar and having some discomfort I can sympathize. I just have to "watch" mine for the time being.
Try not to think about it too much as sometimes I think it feels worse!!
Hoping the days to your dentist appt pass pain free!!
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Sending you no-pain vibes!
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I too believe in vibes.......and am sending a bunch your way!!!
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*sending you lots of positive vibes* *hugs*
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No pain vibes to you! Dentist offices aren't fun places to be. It's a bummer you have to have a tooth pulled in the month of candy!
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