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For those of you who like to write...

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Is anyone interested in doing a round robin? I think that's what they were called. We used to do them on some of the fandom boards. One person starts a story and then everyone just adds on to it...a sentence, a few paragraphs...whatever comes to you. Sometimes we started two threads, one for all the individual posts, and another for the story without all the interuptions. Bet we could write a real kitty thriller.
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OOHH I like the sound of that, used to do it at my last TTI job with the students, others not very willing. I liked it however because it made me feel more like a person and less like a machine.

I'll start. Once there was a run down house located in the middle of nowhere it old and spray painted black. Huge red oak trees grew in a shabby run down yard. A family of wild cats lived over here. Yet none from the contury noticed or had taken any interest in them. There was a huge orange tomcat, long John, with flea bitten ears and a wild primal yowl and his band of cat women a sleek gray tabby queen, a black street queen and a lone large white cat. Graysea, Blackgoni, Snowsalt.

Many kittens were born every year and there was an old woman and an old man who woul take them in and find loving new homes. But they didnt understand the importence of spaying and nuetering the adult which were so wild and elusive they were never seen during the day and evitablly that colony grew and grew and as time passed.
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About a year later on a lovely sunny day a bunch of 4 kids were out on an adventure, they stumbled upon the old house. They had a picnic with them and decided this would be a great place to stop and have some food and a rest.

Kelly set the blanket on the old table that had obviously seen better days. Mandy her sister, started to unpack the hamper. The two boys had gone searching in the house for some chairs. Suddenly the girls heard a really loud meowing...............
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The two sisters looked around excitedly...the thought of a kitten bringing joy to their hearts! You see, a few months ago, the girls had lost their beloved family cat, Lady, when a...

Hilda >^..^<
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repairman left the back door open and Lady got out, never to be seen again.

The noise seemed to be coming from the direction of the old house where the Hodges used to live. No one had lived there in months since the old couple passed away and it was likely no one else ever would. Rumor had it that Walmart might be looking at the house and the adjoining apple orchard for a new store, but that was only a rumor.

The girls raced toward the sound, which had suddenly stopped. They hurried to the front porch to tell Scott and Peter, who came flying out the front door hollering like the devil himself was on their heels.
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´what wrong ?' yelled Kelly, ' we heard a cat crying, is it in the house ?'

Scott was drip white and Peter's bottom lip began to tremble..........

Kelly told the boys to calm down and come away from the house. They all settled on an old tree trunk. Scott began to explain..............
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...his face as white as their momma's sundried linen...his long fingers fumbling in his still-shaking hands.

Hilda >^..^<
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"There's g-g-hosts in there," he finally managed to stutter.

"Everywhere!" Peter yelled. "The curtains started to move and I saw something white fly down the staircase. And there was noises--"

"Yeah, noices," Scott agreed. "One of the chairs, growled at me! And it sounded like something clawing at the--"
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Kelly interrupted ' dont be so silly, you have a weird imagination.'

Peter said ' well if you dont believe us, you go in the house, its the room right at the back by the kitchen'

Kelly looked at Mandy and they both nodded their heads and giggled excitedly as they ran towards the house.............
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Kelly and Mendy knowing they were on a dare and that there reputation was a stake ran towards the house then stopped at the creeky old stairs covered with dust and huge spider egg sacks. They breathed in a great breath of air before grabbing one anothers hands and going into the door. They raced through the living room and into the kicthen and there right in front of them was the white queen. She moewed a bouncy hello and began purring and rubbing up against them. Then she whinked at then before speaking. Normally cats dont talk to the hunan race but the white cat queen used magic to create pathways in the brains of the two children so they too could learn the languge of cats. "Me and my kittens are in danger children. There's a strange man and his partner in crime. They came here yesterday and set traps for us, One cat has already been captured and taken away. I think they work for an animal science lab! But I'm not sure. Anyway I ran into the attic upstairs, she flicked her tail upwards. And I hid my babies in there. Go! Find them Oh children of the cat. Find them loving hmes before he comes back",
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Mandy's mouth fell open, but no sound escaped her lips. She turned to Kelly, who had that same petrified look on her face as when she got her first phone call from a boy.

They both let out a squeal when a deep voice sounded behind them.
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"She's right" whispered Long John. "me, the queens and our young ones are in danger", "I didn't know cats could talk", said Mandy Kelly also nodded her fear. Me nither. maybe these arn't... just cats" Something strange was happening in their brains they felt as if a whirling feeling was going on and they could hear sounds a lot sharper like the breathing of a mouse for example. Shaking her head to clear the cat magic Mandy spoke out in human to Kelly. "Peter warned us about going into this house I knew better and would have stay back if only......" Kelly quipped. "You and I are both to blame we're children we sometimes dont know any better", "Yes... but.... besides that we've got to help them. The lab people might come back with guns or more traps and these kitties are here...all alone.", Kendy shivered in terror. Kelly turned around to where the white queens tail had pointed. I wonder........ Slowly she began creeping up the stairs as dark gray mists seemed to envelop her as she wondered further and further up the stairs.

Kendy suddenly saw the last of her friends ponytail as it disappeared from veiw shouting........"NO! don't go up there that might be where the ghost know the one Peter warned us about", But the young rebel didnt listion how could she? Innosent kittens were in her mind screaming for help.
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Peter and Scott charged back inside at the sound of Kelly and Mandy's screams.

"Where's Kelly?" Peter shouted.

Mandy's eyes were like saucers as she pointed up the stair's. "Kittens," she muttered.

Scott ran halfway up the staircase. "Kelly? Kelly!" He could see her standing at the top of the stairway, but instead of answering, she hurried across the hallway and disappeared into the room.

Scott turned back to Peter and Mandy. "What should we do?"

Without hesitation, Peter charged up the staircase with Scott and Mandy in pursuit. Inside the empty room, they found Kelly turning slowly in a circle, tears starting to trickle down her cheeks.

"Kelly, are you okay?" Peter asked.

"They're not here," she sobbed.


The warehouse was cold, its cement floors void of warmth or color. A small rectangular window provided the only light except for the brief time daily when a man named Jack stopped by to pour water and a scoop of dry kibble into their bowls. They reached out to him, purred, offered their paws through the cage, yet he offered no kind words or caress of hand.

They had to scramble for the food because there was only enough for a couple given in each cage, not the half a dozen they contained. As soon as it was gone most settled in the corner against each other for the warmth it provided.

She sat staring through the bars even after the man Jack left. She remembered a time not so long ago when there was no hunger, no cold. Outside the window the world was always so beautiful, but always out of reach until that day the backdoor was left open. How wondrous it all felt to wander through green grass, chase bugs and feel the warming sun on her back. She had not known how far she'd gone until the pavement beneath her paws all looked the same. She ran as horns honked a warning and dodged cars until she could run no more. The empty house had offered shelter and companionship...until he came.

(sorry, I got carried away )
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...***intermission***gosh, don't you dare apologise!!! or stop for that matter...this is wonderful!***...

As you were...
Hilda >^..^<
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These are a lot of fun. While they might eventually go in the direction you think, (or not) they take a looooooong, twisted road getting there.

Jump in with both feet!
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Scott, Mendy,Peter and Kelly could her the female kittens woeful cries. Coming from the warehouse. The gray mists however were not gone instead they lingered making it so hard to pinpoint which way it was located. "Moewww mmmoooeeeoowwww!!!!!" The ragdoll-white cat mix, Hally, huddled over the still unmoving body of her brother an all gray kitten with really long matted hair and white paws. Two other kittens were in her cage huddled in the back. One was a thin tortie with mitten style paws and a ringworm infested hide, the other a gray taby with the saddest eyes.

"Here I think I found them" Screamed Mindy out of the eerie darkness. "Where Where?" said Peter. "Over here....just....listen to my voice" Scott, Kendy and Peter followed Mindys voice soon seeing for themself the horror. A huge lock was on the bars of the cage and a tag hung over the bars. after getting used to the shock of seeing the abused animal's Mindy read the tag.

"Jack's research animals, please pick up at 3.30." "What time is it?" asked Scott. "3:00" said Peter in a hushed whisper. "That means we've got to grab and lift the whole cage in this wherehouse and use a baseball bat to break out of the warehouse window, There I...I...I see one by a window"...somewhere. I dont know where I don't know how but I see one in my mind, Mindy gasped How had Scott been able to see a window through those dark mists? Was it Cat Magic? Suddenly they could hear footsteps someone was coming upstairs.
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Peter put a finger to his lips. “Shhhh…â€

The children crowded behind the open door as heavy footsteps drew closer.

“Kids! You up there?†the familiar voice of Officer Dan Cook called out. “Come on out, I saw you come inside from the road.â€

They ran to the top of the stairs, each blurting out the story in unison.

“There are cats living here,†Kelly said. “They need help.

“Kittens!†Mandy added.

“Whoa, whoa…slow down a hair.†Officer Dan came to a knee in from of them. “There’re no cats left here anymore. The shelter had to come take them all away when the Hodges died.â€

“We SAW them,†Kelly insisted as Mandy and Peter nodded agreement.

Officer Dan cast a skeptical look toward Scott, the oldest. “Did you see them?â€

“I saw…something.â€

“Well they must have come back, cause we seen them,†Kelly said.

“No sweetie, you didn’t. Those cats were all too wild to be adopted out. They’re gone now.â€

Mandy’s eyes misted over. “Gone?â€

Kelly, Peter and Scott exchanged glances, suddenly silent.

“Unfortunately, yes, they were all put to sleep. Now come on, you’re not supposed to be in here. The property’s been sold and the building is going to be razed in a few days. You could get hurt.â€

“But what about kittens?“ Mandy asked tearfully.

Kelly took her sister’s hand and whispered in her ear. They descended the stairs, walked outside to the table and quickly packed their picnic lunch back into their bicycle saddlebags. The moment Officer Dan’s patrol car disappeared around the corner they formed a huddle.

“I told you they were ghosts,†Peter said.

“Kittens!†Mandy wailed.

Scott shook his head. “But what are we supposed to do? Living in Walmart couldn’t be any worse than living in that old house…could it?â€

“No,†Kelly said, climbing on her bike. “They want us to help the cats in the warehouse. And we don’t have much time.â€

A couple minutes later, Officer Dan circled to block just to make sure the kids had left the property. He pulled up in front of the Hodges place just in time to glimpse the four children pedaling furiously down the dirt road that bordered the apple orchard, headed toward the old industrial center.

“What the heck are those kids up to now?†he muttered to himself
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Dan put on the breaks and spun her car wildly in a cirfcle before zooming off after the children. He was going to have to find them, and tell their parents that they were messing around a site that was to go under. "Kittens" he muttered to himself "there are none". Scott ran up alongside with Peter and the rest of the gang. Kelly on her bike served as lookout watching the surroundings for any danger. She could feel the eyes of cat ghosts peering into her soul. She was wild could do anything and now the kitten called to her with their own cat magic. "Come on, she screamed hair flying behind her before Dan finds us",
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Hay guys on the fourms!!!! Why did we stop the story it was getting good. Heres my part.

Dan looked around in the empty streat not a sign of the kids was around. Darn it he yelled I've lost them... oh well I can track them vie map at the police office we have a map of the city I will send search cars to patroll the areas cloest to where the old house is. His brain was whirling crazily from words jambling in his head he had it all planned out the children where everthey were were going to be stopped, in his eyes they were a danger to society and to themselves.

Kelly stopped on her bike, this was the place. They were away from the small town, by a contry road wildly overgrown with brambles and brush, Peter and Scott stopped beside her. "Are you sure this is where they are hiding Kelly? Where..that...that evil man has them helplessly trapped", "Yes I know they are here now come on we've got to throw our bikes in the brambles and hike up through the wilderness somewhere in this"....she mentioned around her with an arm...." somewhere in all this they are being kept", The children threw the bikes away and slipped out into the brush, thorns scratched at their ankles, legs and scrits. The hot sun high overhead made them hot and tired and want to think of cool air condictioning and lemon ade but still they persavered knowing soon it was going to get dark and that there mothers and fathers would begin to worry kelly's mom has reson to worry.. A mountian lion had been sighted in the area but only one kid knew this, Kelly rembered last nights news flash of how it had entered mysteriously into someones home trying to take an elderly woman as prey her three mixed breed dogs had chased it off and the terrorfied woman had called animal control and the DNR to report of the ordeal. Kelly feeling safe and clivilized in her house with a bowl of ice cream had sighed while sitting on the futon in her mothers den, saying to herself it will never happen to us.... well now... now she started to wonder. It was the country, their house was in a recently devloped city there was plenty of room for a large animal like a panther to roam about freely. Guilt troubled her young mind should she tell the others? It might scare them, she knew Peter would then insist that they give up the rescue attempt.
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Kelly raced on her bike to her best friend Shellys house,sweating and out of breath,she scrambled to the broken rusty gate that swung lose and ran to the house.when shelly came out,she explained the grixxly details of the day.y"you think im crazy dont you?"She cried,Shelly took her in her arms and wiped away a tear.Not crazy,no,they have chanelled to you because they know you care,they know its from the heart and they know you can help.

"So what do we do now?"whispered kelly.
Shelly stood up assertively.there is something i havent told you.I too can speak cat(Ancient mrip language of cats from atlantis)But i didnt channel it like you,I learnt the hard way from my master-just as the samurais do.
kelly gasped"who is your master?"
SHelly kneeled towards her and barely audible spoke 3words that would change kellys lives forever...THE MOUNTAIN LION!!"

Suddenly they heard a footstep.Someone had been listening,they ran down the stairs to chase them but it was too late.whoever it was simply made a dust trail along the old dirt road.They both looked at each other knowing each others thoughts-there was no turning back now...

Oh wow that was fun!!
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Manwhile a long long way away their was a tiny meowing sound followed by an even higher pitched tiny mewing sound.It was a conversation.a conversation between two kittens called molly and polly.two little white kittens,not sisters. they met in the crisis and became good friends.helping each other out,moral support and gathering scraps to eat.
Translated from Mrip:
Molly:"she can hear us i know it i can tell.she will find humans bring them to us and free our community"
Polly:oh molly i love you dearly.but you are a dreamer.we are stuck here and must try to survive.look for food and keep your head down"
MOlly:please polly its the truth.if iam quiet none of us will be saved we must help her to help us-but i dont know how"
Polly:"ok ok anything for some peace,my bones are tired and fur a mess-i need to get out of here-i am so upset by my appearence too"
Molly:"ok polly,I have a plan"

And so the 2kittens spoke in mrip for the next hour.discussing a plan.

Back in the house,kelly felt a strange sensation in her hands."whats wrong !"shouted shelly.
"I dont know!" said kelly "my hands are vibrating"

Sorry couldnt resist the extra piece
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The mountian lion, creeped in the long grass near the house, it had seen two humans, small unprotected young that simulated its wild lust for killing. Stealthly it crept keeping hunches low and tail paused, finely it had found a spot near the house to lie in ambush the children would have to come out of the house sooner or later and when they did the huge preatoar would attack.

Shelly stared at Kellys vibratng hands, her body numb with expressonless terror. Kelly screamed out, The cats they have called me, no kittens, two kittens named Polly and Molly they escaped from the cruel man that had taken them and the others away from this house. Now he plans to do things to the surviviors", "What kinds of things? Maybe we shouldnt stay here a moment longer, we have to hide from the cop too, but if you feel the kittens may be in danger it might be worth the risk", Kelly paused for a moment closing her eyes to listion to the messages coming into her brain "He is a science teacher and he either wants his students to cut them open in schools or give them to labs... Or sell them to a petstore, his bills are high he lives with a mean landlord who wants him to pay over the alloted amount. He figures the kittens would make him some cash. I..I..I don't know if they is just my imangenation gone wild or not but I should warn you that I feel simething else... A large hungry carnivore is close by waiting somewhere, in long grass",

It would have been funny had it not been so serious, surely no gaint carnivore was close. Shelly watched peter coming down the stairs. "Whats up?" he asked out seeing the fear in the eyes of Kelly and Shelly. "Kelly has fortold the fate of the kittens we need to go tell him Kelly" Shelly was too fearful to speak. "A large hungry mountain lion is close by us Peter. I would rush out the house this very mnunite if it wasnt out there waiting for us", A wild idea rushed to him. "Maybe you chould talk to the lion have it be on our side it could keep us safe from the man or any traps he might have in store for us", "Its worth a try" Kelly began to call the lion
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kelly nervously put her hands to her mouth and let out an imitation was quiet,accept for the stir of leaves,nothing...she tried again,sweat dripping down her face.she looked at shelly and peter"this isnt going to work"
"what will we do?i can feel polly and molly-i feel their anguish,their heartbeats"suddenly
there was a huge thunderous boom echoing throught the forest and surrounding areas, and again and again.then a rumbling sound which seemed to get closer and closer.The 3 of them looked at each other and didnt need to speak what they were thinking-they all knew ad it was too late to turn back... the mountain lion was coming!!!
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meanwhile molly and polly had been busy hatching their plan to escape and came up with an idea,that fortunately saved them.Polly decided that being as she had the loudest squeek she would start off.She started screaming and wailing all night-hours on end that it started to gve molly a headache."My heads killing with that sound-its not working i told you it wouldnt"
"dont be a pessimist replied polly,we must try."my voice is sore but i will still keep going"Another hour passed and then finally they heard the heavy clumping sounds of the evil old man climbing the old wooden floor boards"whats going on up there!!*** cats!!be quiet or I will make you be quiet!!"The old evil man stormed into the room,heaving with anger.Immediately,Molly pounced onto his face,pinning him to the floor,whilst polly ran to the door.Polly screamed"come on molly now!quick!"Molly replied "go polly its yr nly chance" "not without you molly c'mon!!"In that split second,molly jumped off and ran as far as her tiny paws would take her,following closely behind polly and of course the evil old man.They ran and ran and came to a clearing,but for a large tree with holows in it."this looks safe"said polly "lets have a look"they peeped into the hole and were met by a furry face"may i help you?"came the elegant voice.A very regal rabbit peeked out.Polly began"im sorry sir for disturbing you but me and my friend are in alot of trouble"
"i see,what kind of trouble?"Asked the rabbit molly and polly frantically retold the rabbit their story.
"it seems i must help you little things"saisd the rabbit."please come in,I will make you some dinner and find some warm blankets and then we will talk some more.I am Roberto the rabbit by the way"
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