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Have your cats trained you??

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I used to feed Gunner and Taylor mostly dry food with an occasional can of wet food. It worked for a while, but somewhere along the line Gunner decided he had enough of the dry stuff.

Now, he whines like a baby for wet food when I wake up in the morning for work. If I walk near the staircase he starts to head downstairs, turns around to see if I am coming, then goes downstairs or upstairs depending on what I do.

Gunner also whines like he's staaaaaaaaaaaarving when I get home from work or if he just decided it's time to eat wet food again.

It was cute for a while but now it is just annoying. LOL

What to do... what to do...
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Yes i answer to mine as well. The girls know they get a small amount of wet food for breakfast as well as in the evening when i get home from work, but bearing in mind that they have a bowl of kibbles while i'm not there so it's not like their hungry

I have to give them their wet food in the morning before i have my breakfast
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Ohhh Yes. Yesterday one of ours had to go in for some tests, so she (and her 7 fur friends) had to fast after 10 pm. Seemed fairly simple, and we'd done this before w/ not a lot of fussing.

They had dry food out ALL DAY, like usual. They had a meal of canned food at 6 am and another at 6pm. Dry still out till 10pm. I picked it up then and went to bed. At 3:30am, only 5.5hrs later, Leopold was standing on my back. I thought, how sweet, he's gonna cuddle. NOT. He started pulling my hair with his teeth and when that didn't get the response he wanted he nipped and nipped at my fingers, ears, whatever - until I got up (of course, I'm trained )
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My feline mafia have biscuits down all day in a kind of dispenser thing... so they can eat when they like. But at approx 8am and 6pm all hell breaks loose as they need a 'top up' of wet food. I have been well and truly trained, if the food isn't down at the correct times then there's feline hell to pay!
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They have gotten a little better about not waking me up so early, but I still have to give them their breakfast of 1/4 can of wet food as soon as my feet hit the floor in the morning. I am quite well trained.
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Since boys are more prone to unrinary tract infections I wish mine would beg for wet food. Ducky will only eat dry. Tino and Kiko will eat wet, but they eat dry, too because I leave it out for Ducky.
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What's that saying? oh yes..cats have slaves, not owners
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Whoever decided cats should have a feeding schedule is crazy

My boys know, the exact time they are supposed to get their wet food. When it his 11:00AM, they are on the island in the kitchen meowing so loud, the people in the next building could hear them And if I try to ignore them, just for fun, it gets louder. They do the same thing at 6:00PM when they get their wet meal for dinner. Seriously -they have ME trained!
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I am so catwhooped. Duke and Sibohan get a treat when I get into the kitchen in the morning. When I get home from work they start yelling for their wet food.
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Yep, I'm trained too! Though here lately, it has worked out pretty well! One of our cats has to have her thyroid meds twice a day, and I give it to her in wet food. If I get in a hurry or get distracted and forget, she reminds me (in no uncertain terms) with the other 3 (plus the dog) for reinforcements!
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Oh they definately trained me to wake up at 4am and get them their kibble!

Ceci is a pain she will walk around on top of my stomach until I get up and feed her, while Samantha will run around like a mad woman with her tags jingling.
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When I get home from work, even before I get the key in the door, I hear "thump", "thump" - Sophie and Mollie are jumping off the dining room table where they have been sleeping. (They know that is NOT allowed)
When I open the door, my two little angels are politely sitting there waiting to lead me into the kitchen so that they can have their little wet food dinner.
At about 5 AM, Sophie jumps up on the bed and sits by my head purring, if I do not respond quickly enough, I get some not so gentle taps on the nose.
When I get up, they stand in the bedroom doorway, looking back at me, "hurry up Mom"...If Mollie doesn't like the look of the litter box, she sits outside the box, giving me very reproving looks - I immediately clean the litter box, at which point, Mollie hops in and makes a "big poop"!
Yes, I admit, they are still trying to educate me. Thank goodness, they are very patient teachers!
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