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The Dinner Thread 2/1/07

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I must have pizza. I really must.

And if I'm going to have pizza, I'm going to have Lou Malnati's (that's Chicago-style deep dish, which IMO, there IS no other kind of pizza).

But I just discovered that ordering Lou's or delivery would be cheaper than ordering from the place down the street (the non-deep dish place) and picking it up there. Lou's wins!

So, what's everyone else having tonight?
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Must be the night for it - we had pizza tonight!!!! It was the cats' fault - I dropped into the vets' to pick up our eight weekly pack of de-flea drops (oh the glamour!!!) and Dominos' pizza is just past the vets - their doors swung open just as I walked past, and I was powerless to resist!!!

Once thin crust Hawaian later, I am feeling full and more than a little guilty!!!
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My Mom sent us her leftover Tuna Noodle casserole. I had that a few minutes ago. Otherwise it would have been leftover homemade Macaroni and cheese from last nights dinner. (I made that one!) I want more shrimp but I cooked the last of it last night!
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Ooo, I love Domino's thin crust pizzas!

However, I'll be making 'something wonderful' with chicken tonight.

I put 'something wonderful' in quotes like that cuz when Naomi y Alex Jr were much, much younger and they'd ask me the eternal question: 'What's for dinner mom?' My answer would usually be....'something wonderful!'

We still do that nowadays...sometimes...brings back lots of sweet memories.

Hilda >^..^<
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pizza here. I always have frozen pizza in the freezer for nights I am too tired to cook
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I'm making a thai chicken salad with leftover chicken from last nights dinner.
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Meat loaf, mashed potatos, tube corn, and cole slaw
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We had friends round and ordered Indian food and I have eaten way too much, I think I'm going to burst horribly
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Matt mentioned pizza, and now you have too, I guess it will be pizza!
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Originally Posted by OllyExtra05 View Post
I'm making a thai chicken salad with leftover chicken from last nights dinner.
You sure you don't want to come over for some Lou's? It'll be here in 15 minutes!
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I'm in the mood for something light tonight, so I think I'm going to have a turkey, cheese, lettuce & bacon sandwich on an everything bagel

By the way, does anyone know when the vbPlaza gifts will restock?
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Pizza here too

Side note: Epona, I love your new siggy!
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I made lasagna for supper.And Texas toast.YUM YUM!!!!
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