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My Cosmo and Peanut

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Here're my babies.
First up, Cosmo and his guinea pig sister, Nibbler. He never leaves her alone.

He's so cute!

And the only pic of Peanut of I have so far. It's not all that great:

When I get better pics I'll be sure to post. Hope you all enjoyed!
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Oh aren't they a pair of little sweethearts!!
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They are so cute!
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So cute Wow look at those whiskers
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Ooo, I love the upside down pic of Cosmo! Too sweet!

Hilda >^..^<
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Aw I love the pics!! Cosmo is so adorable. You should post the one from your myspace when you're holding him, I love that one!
Isnt Cosmo around 7 months old? Updated pics please!

Peanut looks like a striped gray tabby?
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Note: Photoshoot scheduled for this weekend.
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Woo-Hoo! More pics!! Peanut looks gorgeous, I can't wait to see more of him!
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oh what a couple of cutie-pies

looking forward to Photoshoot No.2
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Where's our photo shoot?
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awe such cuties, and its a cat hting with the guniea pig I have 2 mama and baby (mother and son) and i have them seperated (mind u i didnt kno mama was preggy till the day of birth ) and well Stormie never leaves them alone, she leaves sugar the rabbit alone for the most part and yet sugar is big then her but Stormie is constantly on mamas cage because its high up and she is always messing with baby and sometimes sleeps on his cage but what a bunch of cuties u have there I cant wiat for the next photoshoot
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