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More updates on my SIL, etc....

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I am tired!!! Did not sleep well last night because my mind was busy willing the phone not to ring.
It did not so Neil and I said no news is good news.
Anyhow I have not had any updates since about 8:30 this morning. What I now is Barb survived the night and the bleeding in her brain stopped. The pressure was still higher than the docs wanted but I think they were going to work on that. The docs must have eased up some meds as they were checking movement and she did squeeze one of her hands.
So Neil will stop by after work as the docs still did not want any family to visit yet.
Keep on sending the vibes please as they are working!!!

My dad has an appt next week I think they are injecting a radioactive ?? dye in his prostate area and will then meet with oncologist on Feb 12th.

My dentist appt went ok I have a small fracture in my molar-the dentist and hygenist didn't see it until I told them. I just have to watch for pain etc....
and he thinks it could be refilled vs crowned!!

So I did a bunch of errands today to beat the approaching weather and am as I type having a nutritous snack of a beer and chips and dip!!!

Thanks again!!
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Still sending prayers and hugs from Mississippi for your SIL and your dad, and I am glad it wasn't bad news for you at the dentist.

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Continuing my {{{get well soon}}} vibes for Barb!! Please keep us updated!!!
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Gail...I too have your loved ones in my good thoughts today.

Just wanted to let you know about the radioactive dye. Hmmm, I had that done a few years ago. However, unlike your dad, mine was injected into my veins. The reason they did this to me was because I was getting awful vertigo and couldn't do a stress test on the treadmill as most folks do...they were to afraid I'd get dizzy and fall off. Anyway, the radioactive dye was supposed to mimic the stress on my heart that I would feel if I were able to do the tread mill. I don't know why they are injecting this into your dad's prostrate area...this was just my own experience with that sorta stuff.

Hope everything turns out well...
Hilda >^..^<
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