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cute fabric I found for cat toys

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I friend of mine works in a quilt shop. So I was in there visiting her. And I found the cutest fabric to make some cat toys with.

This will be the front (I have enough fabric to make 2 at least):

And this will be the back:

Then I have some thin cotton batting that will go in between the 2 pieces of fabric. One end will have a velcro opening so I can sprinkle cat nip in the inside. I saw these on Ebay but I figure it would be fun and cheap to make these myself.
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Very cute material! I've made these and here's a few tips: Sew the batting into the seams of the fabric so that it doesn't slip when you wash it. If you use less than about 6 inches of velcro, it's hard to open and insert nip. Lastly, don't buy self stick velcro - it never actually sticks and gums up your sewing machine when you try to sew it in place.

Can you post the finished results? (Mine can be found in my siggie link)
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Oh isn't that adorable! What sort of cat toy are you making with it?

Hilda >^..^<
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It kinda looks like a thin pilliow. I really am not sure how to describe it. Momofmany says she has some listed in her siggy.

Momofmany...Thanks for the tips. My friend recommended some velcro adhesive to help with the velcro. I am not very handy with a sewing machine. So I will be soing this by hand.
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Yep, I don't like the self adhesive stuff either...sewing it on will make it sturdier, least that's what I think. I've never gotten into this 'hot glued' stuff and 'sticky' this and 'sticky' that...guess I'm just old fashioned that way...got to be sewn on!

Good luck with it!

Hilda >^..^<
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That is cute material.You'll have to post pics when you get the toys made.
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Oh I absolutely LOVE that material!!!
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That is really cute. My boys have something similar that are called boogie mats, and they have a little zipper up one side so that you can shake catnip inside the mat/pillow. The batting inside comes out so you can shake the old catnip out and the whole thing is washable. My boys really love them!
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Oh, that will be cute. Love the mousie pattern!
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that's such a cute pattern, i'm sure kittie will appreciate it
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