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Anybody see ER last night?

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Just when I thought the season premiere was going to be routine.....OMG!!!!
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Could you fill me in? Mike wanted to see Without a Trace, and I caved in and missed ER!
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Well, it started out as a continuation of last season's episode with the hospital being evacuated because of the suspected small pox case. Abby, Carter, that one new guy, and Cheng Mei all had to remained quarantined in the basically empty hospital for 2 weeks. As you may have guessed, Abby and Carter "extended" their relationship. Elizabeth had moved back to London, and was shown at a hopital there. Anyway, during the evacuation, Susan, Luca, and Romano are moving 2 critical patients up to the roof for pickup by a helicopter. Well, there's 1 shopper and 2 patients. They are arguing over who gets to go first when the medical chart slips and falls off of the bed of Romano's pateint. He bends over to pick it up, and when he stands up, the rear blade of the chopper shears off his arm! It was intense! Very realistically portrayed. The arm was surgically reattached, but of course, we do not know if Romano will have full use of it.
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Wow! What a series opener to miss! Thanks Deb.....now I am off to the knife show.....
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The season opener of ER was fantastic! I have been a faithful viewer of that show since day one and it just keeps getting better!

I love that Carter and Abby are an "item" now, but I don't think it will last.

The scene with Romano "was" very intense...and completely unexpected.

They did a great job...but I miss Mark already
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That sounds like an exciting season opener.

I just hope the UK starts showing the new season soon along with series 9 of friends.
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I was afraid that when they were wheeling that first critical patient up to the roof (the one who was afraid of flying) and he kept saying, "Take me back! I have a bad feeling about this!" (how Star Wars...) that they were going to have the chopper crash. How cliche that would have been! Romano's accident was so out of the blue. I sat there stunned. It was almost like witnessing it live. I called a friend immediately and said, "Are you watching this?!?", like it was some kind of news broadcast!
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What a shocker. Of course, Romano is portrayed as an arrogant jerk, which made me feel worse yet! I felt guilty.
Elizabeth will have to take over and be chief of surgery, I think. She found another arrogant boss.
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That guy was something, wasn't he? I know what you mean about Romano.....he's always the guy we hate because of his arrogant mouth, but then I was almost in tears when they said nobody had been in to see him. I know somebody like that in real life.....is obnoxious to cover insecurity.
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I know I yell at the TV at Romano every week...what a total jerk he is! But I found myslef feeling bad for him...strange.
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It was a great show, I did the low shriek when he got his arm off, my hubby was brushing his teeth at the time and about swallowed his toothbrush, he thought something was wrong! And yet as much as I yell and cuss at Romano each week I too felt myself feeling bad.
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