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Hi All

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My name is May-Britt I have the cattery name (N)Mabriga and are a breeder of Siberians cats I am living in Norway.
I live in the countryside where I have good spies for my cats and dogs.
I have 6 poodles and 1 litter at the moment and 5 cats in my home.
To not get to must at my home I have some of my cats and dogs living at home with my friends.
And take them back before shows ore breeding.

I also are show person and work with bathing and clipping poodles.
I have 2 cats imported from Poland it is Cesar and Clio, 2 from Sweden Bugg, Smilla and 1 from a breeder here in Norway Nobel, and 3 from Russia Sheldon, Elis and Duschenka.

I also am a poodle’s breeder and have been for 30 years I am showing my poodles to.
So are busy every Saturday and Sunday as I at the dog show ore cat show.

Sorry about my bad English I have never time to sit down and learn this.
My husband is from UK and I did for some years live in UK but still hade not times to learn this writhing and spelling proper.

For them as wont to look at my cats my home page is

Best may-Britt
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Hi there!! Welcome to TCS!
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Velkommen May-Britt and family!

Your english is very good, actually, I had no problem understanding it and it is much, much better than my Norwegian!

Your CATS are gorgeous and I especially love Sheldon and Smilla as I prefer dark colored cats. Welcome all to the site and hope you enjoy it here! Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures/website with us, and would love to hear about your country!
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Thank you.
Very good my English get better I do think if I have to writhe it will have me to learn spelling to
Norway at the time is very snowy and cold we have this year hade snow very late and hade hop for non snow this winter but in January we got all the snow we scud have hade all winter.
The winter last from October to April so we have a very short summer in this country.
We have hade 2 big storms as was very bad something like that is not rely happen often here.
For people as like the snow and ski and all that winter here is a ting for them.
I like the summer and the worm.
Compeer to adder countries is Norway a very expensive country what ever you wont to do it cost.
Tourist as coming here for summer holyday cannot understand how any can live here money wais.
Well we as are born here are use to it.
Norway is a very boatful country in nature as we have big mantes.
Lots of tourist is coming summer time to walk in the man tents.
My husband says it is very difficult to learn to speak and writhe in Norway
I can understand that as mostly people say it is.
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Dear May-Britt and Family:

Thanks for letting me know about your country! Here it is winter-y from October-April as well -- we are at 4,100 feet above sea level, right next to mountains, so that is why. We get snow in winter, but not really any this year, yet. We have a ski resort 5 miles south in the mountains, too. I also love hot weather and summer most! but all is good. Weather is crazy all over the world, global warming, yes?

Well, there is a price to pay for beauty, too. Everyone wants to go to beautiful places, yes? I do not know too much about Norway. I would like to know more. I think the actor, Viggo Mortensen, is of Norwegian descent? (He was "Aragorn" in "Lord of the Rings" movies -- very good!)

I have a good friend who is Swiss, so I try to learn deutsch, which is also difficult even though english is derived a lot from deutsch. Practicing and writing and speaking makes it easier -- you are so right! I understand you very well.

Cat lovers all over the world unite!
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and welcome!!!
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Hi & welcome to TCS! Great website, and your cats are beautiful!

If you have any questions as you find your way around the site, please feel free to click on my username and send me a private message. I'll do what I can to help you.
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Hello and welcome to TCS, May-Britt! Your english is quite good, and you'll get lots of chance to practice it on this site!
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Hola y bienvenido a TCS!..
(Translate: Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!.....)

See you on the forums!
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Thank you I will send you a private mail if I wondering how to do things
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Hello and a warm welcome to you and your fur-family. I live in Spain so a little bit nearer that some of our other members Your English is very good and it has been very interesting reading about your country

Enjoy the forums
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Hi welcome to TCS!
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Your English is just fine, Britt! Please keep visiting and talking with us!

Your cats are beautiful!
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