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Reminder...John Doe tonight!

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For anyone who missed it last week (like I did?!), John Doe is on tonight at 9:00 EST on FOX.
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That would be 8 PM here. I will try to catch it. I missed it last week. QVC has my Boyd's Bears on at 9 (central) so that works out good. Can't afford any of them right now, but I still like to look!
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Count me in this club, too. Missed it last week, but I am really looking forward to seeing it this week.
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Thanks for the reminder, Carla. I would have forgotten!
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Ok, Carla, you were right. This show was quite good! Fill us in on a couple of the details we missed last week. Why does he see only in black and white? Any guesses as to who he really is?
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Unfortunately, I didn't see it last week. I was out and forgot to tape it!

I was out last night too (no I am not a party animal...we often go hang with Mike's Dad and stepmom on Friday nights...play cards and stuff), so I will be watching it sometime today.

Here is an overview of episode 1 from the website John Doe

AIR DATE: 09.20.2002

A man, unidentified, wakes up naked in a strange outcropping of trees. He only sees in black and white and is totally disoriented. The man searches his surroundings, attempting to get bearings in an impossible task.
While searching his surroundings, he slips, and is taken on a ride down a slope and off the side of a cliff, realizing that he’s indeed been stranded on some strange island. Off in the distance, we see a cityscape, it could be any major port city.

The man is rescued by fisherman speaking Khmer. He doesn’t realize it at first, but he also speaks the language.

He wakes. Disoriented. Questioned by paramedics. Finds himself in Seattle.
“Do you know what day it is?â€
“Tuesday, September 14th, 9:13…22 seconds.â€
“Who are you? What’s your name?â€

At a police station, the man decides to report himself missing. He can’t remember who he is. Beginning to speculate, he realizes he needs to do something to get money, find a place to stay, eat even. He looks at himself in a mirror and notices a strange scar on his chest. It’s at this point that he comes to realize…he knows everything.
“Ask me a question. It’s an experiment.â€
“What’s your name?â€
“Not that one.â€
“What’s the population of Morocco?â€
“30,645,305, if you like I can break it down
“How many M&M’s come in a pack?â€
“Plain 60. Peanut 25.â€
“How many dimples on a golf ball?â€
“When will I die?â€

The man can’t answer. He’s not psychic. An escaped mental patient? Government experiment? Trudging through the rainy night, the man realizes, money is quickly becoming a necessity. He spots a newspaper. Horse races. The man quickly deduces through probability which picks would be best. He finds out his knack for gambling is incredible, but there’s only one sure thing in life, there are no sure things.

The man ends up breaking the bank and decides to freshen up a bit.
“Am I an Armani guy?â€

Needing to make himself a real person, the man finds a loophole and finds that there are 300,000 plus social security numbers issued to dead or missing persons. He picks his name: John Doe.

Making a life for himself without knowing what he likes, Doe begins finding out. He buys new clothes, buys a new car, gets a new loft and invests his money in the stock market.

Doe begins wondering what his life is supposed to mean when he happens upon a restaurant with a piano. He’s hired to play when he realizes his skill level, not knowing where he acquired it. He meets the owner, Digger who gives him the job.

While relaxing at the restaurant he notices on TV a little girl was kidnapped. The only thing, the girl is in color. Doe sees her in color. He takes this as a sign, a clue that may help him find out who he is.

Doe decides to find the detective in charge of the case and easily convinces the detective to allow him to help. Upon arriving at the crime scene, Doe finds the girl and her kidnapper hiding out in a secret room. But when he happens upon them, the man escapes with the girl in tow.

Before getting away, the man drops some change, which Doe picks up. He finds a laundry token and is able to pinpoint the man by finding the laundry machine that the token is for, then the motel where the laundry machine was located.

After searching the motel room, Doe takes apart the sink and pulls out remnants that lead him to a cove. In another twist to the mystery, Doe finds out the kidnapper is actually the girl’s father who apparently faked his own death but is still dying of cancer. Doe traces the man to the cove and recovers the little girl, leaving the man to finish out his own life, alone.

Doe earns the respect of the police force and actually makes headlines in the paper for helping out the investigation. His own search however remains unsolved as the girl produced no clues as to who or what he might be.
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I started to watch it, it looked good with the pool full of blood and all, but then I got distracted by Hubby and missed most of it!
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We watched it last night, and yup, we're hooked. It was really good, and it's nice to see a show with a twist. We watched Firefly, too, and hubby really liked that. I thought it was pretty good for sci-fi (I'm REALLY picky with sci-fi). Another interesting concept of a space cowboy show.
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I thought last night's Firefly was better than the one last week. I really hope that show makes it, too. I think if they develop the characters and their interactions, it will be very good. I'm always hopeful with sci-fi shows, some of them can be so bad. I like the new Twilight Zone, too.
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That synopsis clears up a few unanswered questions I had while watching episode 2 without the bebfit of having seen episode 1. Thanks!
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I love John Doe - it is my fav new show!

For some reason it is on tonight, Monday as well as this Friday so I don't know when I am going to watch it. I don't know if I can wait to Friday - it is the same new episode according to the TV guide!
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ADY...Fox does that alot with their new shows. Last year I watched 24 twice every week. I always caught something the second time around that I missed the first time too!
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I just hope that the Friday time slot doesn't automatically doom these two shows. Fox has this nasty little habit of canceling their good shows before they really have a chance, and putting their promising shows in the worst possible time slot (then saying they didn't have an audience ) I think they still think that every show will have the response that X-Files did in that rotten time slot. Maybe by showing it twice a week they will actually get a good audience.
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Well, the thing of it is...X-Files did not do all that well in it's first 2 seasons. It started getting good rating toward the end of season 2...and took off in season 3.

I remember being sort of like a "cult member" or something because I watched the X-Files...then like 2 years later people were saying...hey did you see that new show the X-Files?

I too hope that Fox gives these new shows a chance to catch on and survive. Some shows strike you immediately, but some take a while to grow on you.

I never missed an episode of 24 last year...but could only fine one person I knew that also watched it. Great show! Check it out if you haven't already! Course I am a little biased because I love Kiefer Sutherland anyway...but the show truly is worth watching!
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Saw "John Doe" last night....

Loved it!!!!!!
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I saw it last night, too. They re-played the pilot. We assumed it was because they were scrambling for programming with the Baseball Finals already decided.

New episode on Friday! yeah!
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