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Kitten Search

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Hi There Everyone,

I'm new to the site, and I'm hoping someone can help me out.
I realize that this is apparently the WORST time to try to find a kitten, but I'm dying to have one. I had to give my Lilah baby to a friend a few years back with I moved into an apartment that wouldn't let me take her. I was heartbroken, and I've wanted another kitten every since. Well, I finally bought a house and I'll be moving in this weekend, and I would LOVE to get another kitten. I'm hoping to find one that about 8 weeks old. I've always found that the younger the kitten, the more they bond. I got Lilah when she was only 6 weeks old, and I couldn't have asked for a better cat. She was almost like my baby, rather than my 4 legged furry friend. Please let me know if anyone has kittens that are getting to be the age to leave their mother! I'm willing to travel (within reason) and pay an adoption fee. Thank you so much!
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Well older cats I've found can bond just as well as any kitten. But I understand your wanting to raise it, because i am currently in search of a baby too. I would strongly suggest going to a nearby shelter. They usually a litter or two of kittens. And you never know, you may fall in love with an older cat.
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If you go to you can put in your zip code, then do a search based on age, sex, etc. and it will show the ones in your area (if your shelter participates).

Adult cats can make wonderful companions also and are just as deserving of a good loving home, so please consider them as well when you visit a shelter.

If a kitten is taken away from its mother too soon, it can have behavorial problems later on and I would think 6 weeks is really too young to be parted from its mommy.
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If you are willing to travel to Cumberland MD, we have some barn kittens that are very loving and need a good home. Two in particular were raised on the back porch (we already have 6 in door cats and couldn't bring any more in) and are so much in need of love they will follow you around like puppy dogs! They are beautiful grey long haired about 6 months old. We also have a grey tabby striped named Cassonova that is a little older that just wants held and petted all the time. Let me know if you are interested.
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Ya! finally someone who lives close by! I rescue cats and kittens and I get them in ALL THE TIME. I am just like 2 hours from you and I go out to the Pittsburgh area all the time.

Are there any specifics you are looking for? Age, sex, color, breed... The age to leave mom is around 12 weeks old. I would never let one go before 9 weeks unless there are special circumstances like if the kitten were orphaned.

Let me know what you want and I can see if I have any or can find you one. I like playing match maker for cats and people
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You were lucky on your younger kittens. The ideal age to adopt a kitten is MINIMUM of 10 weeks - preferably 12-14 would be better.

They need important social time with siblings an other adult cats and dogs before 10 weeks old - without it, many develop behavior problems. Besides kittens are still nursing at 8 weeks old.

We got Charlie just before he turned 4 months old (a few days) - he is so well adjusted, loving, and outgoing. He came in the house and in 2 days was buddy with the dog and 4 days starting to socialize with his kitty sister - who was the one that waited Charlie would have been fine with sister earlier, but Ling didn't want a thing to do with him

Its important to have a well socialized and healthy kitten - so pleaseeee wait a few weeks longer and get a 10-12 week old kitten
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Omg Jen you do?! I didn't realize it was bad to adopt before 12 weeks. I've always heard 8 weeks, but hey, you're the expert, I trust you. Maybe that's why I've had a couple cats be not so friendly when they're older. Anyway, I'm not overly picky about the kitten. If you have anything between 10 to 12 weeks that would be great, if not then 12 weeks would be fine. Long hair is my favorite, but like I said, I'm not picky, I just miss having a cat in the house. Let me know! Oh, also, how much are your adoption fees? you can get my on my cell phone &&&&&&&, that's probably easiest, or go ahead and email me at &&&&. Thanks again!
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Oh also, I've decided to maybe head out to Tiger Ranch tonight, I forgot all about them until a little bit ago when I was reading through some threads on the site. I had taken a few strays there a little over a year ago that had made a nice little home on my porch. I didnt have the money at the time to get them the care they needed, so I called Lin, and she's was fantastic, so I thought it would be nice if I could go out there and maybe adopt one from her. Has anyone actually adopted a cat/kitten from her?
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If you'd like to wait a bit...I have an unexpected litter due the end of this month. You would have to wait a bit, but I could send pictures, you could pick one and I would send weekly progress pictures until he/she's ready to go home. I'm just 40 minutes into the Ohio line, so we could even meet up somewhere if you'd like. I do understand if you don't want to wait though...

Good luck! Kitten searching is exciting!
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You guys are great! I can't get one until July, but when I do maybe I should post here first for kittens in Virginia?
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That's CRAZY Tia....I was just reading the drama of your barn cat and how you took her in and all of your other rescue efforts....YOU'RE A SAINT! And I thought to myself, hmm....I should email her and ask her about that, but I didn't want to say I'd take one and then end up finding one at the shelter tonight or next weekend and have to go back on what I said. But I would definitely be interested, and who knows, even if I do find one sooner, I know my roommate had been wanting one. She'll especially need one now that I'm leaving the house! Good definitely work out for the best! Thanks so much!
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I'll be starting a new thread when she gets closer (or when I get more nervous ) and if you're "in the market" definitely let me know!
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Definately check out Tiger Ranch. They are a wonderful place! I love Lin and I go out there once every other month or so. They don't usually have a ton of small kittens though. I did get your PM and I will reply when I get off work in a couple hours.
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Hi there! I just wanted to ask how long it is since you moved and whether you are all settled? I ask because it would not be fair to a young kitten to move into a house which is changing rapidly or where there are people tramping in and out doing work. I would make sure you are ready to devote as much time to a kitten as possible before bringing one home. Sorry if you are all OK already, but I just thought I would put a little word of advice! I know how it can be when you really want a furry companiion NOW.
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Will do! Thanks!
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Oh, I understand completely. We're moving on Saturday, but I don't intend to get a kitten for probably about a week or so. Everything in the house is done so all we have to do is move our furniture in. Construction is done, and the small stuff is in and put away, we're going to move all of our furniture and "big stuff" on Saturday, no biggie. I'll probably keep looking this week and next, and hopefully either find one, or hang out until Tia's are ready lol! Thanks for the advice though!
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If you wind up getting a kitten before totally moving, I advise to keep the kitten in the bathroom or in a carrier at all times when moving things in/out of the houses.

When we moved, we were lucky - we had a room with 2 doors (our library now) and we shut Ling and Keno in there and kept the doors closed till all the stuff was moved in. That way we didn't have to worry about falling over a dog or cat or one of them running out the door.
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Did you check out Tiger Ranch? They don't usually seem to have a lot of young kittens, but sometimes they do. Or there have been times that I was there and someone came to drop off kittens. Lin will usually vaccinate and deworm them right there and then have you bring the kitten back to be spayed.
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I am in the Pittsburgh area too, hello neighbor!

You are right, this is not really kitten season in this area, LOL. I will keep my ears open and if I hear of any kittens, I will let you know. In the meantime, I would still check out the shelters and see if any of the older cats would be a good fit for you. Seriously, you may be surprised, they can bond just as well as a kitten and obviously, they need homes too. Not trying to be preachy or anything, just a thought because I just saw a few needing adoption at our local Petco (by South Hills village) that were amazing and so affectionate. They are not from cat mills, they are displaced animals from the Animal Friends Shelter. I would have taken a few home myself, but I already have 7 cats!

Like I said, I will let you know if I hear of any kittens in the area. And welcome to The Cat Site, tons of great people and enormous amounts of information!

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Just have to ask: have you thought about taking two from the same litter? A kitten needs a companion, anyway, for his happiness and your sanity -- and siblings are most likely to get along well...

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I hope you found you a new kitten by now.
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