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Need a little help please :)

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My friend came across a starving stray kitten about a week ago. She had a collar on (which was too small) but it didn't say an address on it. Me and my mum decided to take the kitten in as we lost another cat recently and our cat had been lonely. The new cat is very good as soon as she came in the house she ate food and used the litter tray, she's friendly and has been trying to play with our old cat a little bit.
Just have a few problems/questions

We're not sure how old she is. She's very thin at the moment but slowly gaining weight. How can we find out the age of the cat?
Here are some pictures, please ignore my socks, they're my sleeping socks teehee.

I put my shoe in the picture so you could see the scale. I'm a UK size 6. I've tried to weigh her on my house scale which starts from 0.5lbs but she doesn't register.

Also she's very clingy to me already which is quite hard to deal with as my other cat is too. While I'm in my house she doesn't leave me alone. I feel a bit like the crazy cat lady because when I walk from room to room I've got two cats following at my feet. Is there any way to help them gain independance?

Also although she's trying to make friends with my other cat, she does seem to get a bit scared of her and growl half the time. Will this last for long? How long will it take for them both to get used to each other?

Thanks anyway
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Hi and welcome. Thank you for taking this kitty in. It does make me cross - why put a collar on if you don't add a tag? Although she may be microchipped, and for that to be checked, as well as a health exam, you should really take her to the vet before she interacts with your other cat. It would be much safer all round. Then he may be able to make an estimate on her age, probably by looking at her teeth, though for an adult cat there can be a large margin of guesswork. If she is a stray with no owner, and you decide to keep her, then there are lots of threads here on introducing cats to each other. You can search them. It can take days or weeks or even longer for cats to accept each other, so patience is called for. But she looks a sweet cat, so good luck with her.
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I would say she is about 6 months - 1 year old. Quicksilver is about the same size as her.
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She is a very beautiful cat, I would take her to the vet and see if she has a chip or something. If she doesn't I would say you are a new cat owner.
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She's a darling! And thank you for rescuing her!

She really ought to see a vet. Unfortunately, and this will be helpful the next time you rescue a kitty , any rescued kitty should always be kept separate from any current resident animals just to make sure they don't pass on any infecitons, diseases, or parasites.

She ought to be checked for all of the above, and thus the vet visit.

They ought to be able to give you some idea as to her age. But she really should be checked for a microchip. It is possible that there was a tag attached to the collar, but she's gone missing and as a result of being on her own, it may have come off.

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